My name is Irma 20 years old, female living in the states. I have no life, lol. I'm such a boring person, but get to know me ;D
    cuz im kewl at times. js.
    nah jk im lame.

    Check out my hot a** ride. ;DD
    [x] [x]


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MuAwhAaAaAa LoL

umm stuff,drawings, dunno lol



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Report | 07/17/2016 6:36 am


Yea xD I'ts awesome!

That's probably fake news. But I'm sure some of them, at least a few, are true.
Don't get super addicted that then when you walk around to places you will be careless and s**t walking the street without looking. xD

Ew, shitty work time. Actually, it's not that bad if you can manage to stay awake that early with enough sleep. Well, money talks. Do what you gotta do, my n***a. ;D
Tell your damn son to sleep at 8pm like a normal baby. D:<
Get him an Elmo for his birthday. :'D

Report | 07/11/2016 1:52 pm


I'll let things flow xD
I didn't win in the main event, but I did good.
I made $70 doing money matches which is cool. :]

But you know I already have baggy eyes. :<
We are twins in that aspect, remember? ;D
Even though you have bigger baggy eyes! D:<

Haha, that actually sounds fun. Great way to take a walk! Don't get carried away by the damn game!

You should visit me here more often so we can talk s**t like the old days. :3

Report | 07/09/2016 7:52 am


lol ahora mismo no estoy interesado. Cuando termine los estudios y tenga trabajo fijo entonces puede ser que me vaya girl hunting o algo. XD
No estoy emocionalmente preparado para bregar con girl's s**t. :>

I went with a friend and 4 more people. We actually went to a big event of video games in Florida to compete. xP
It was fun though, even though we barely sleep. xD

I tried but I cannot really play it because I don't have internet on my phone and with the internet at home it doesn't really work. So I rather not play it which I'm good.

Report | 07/03/2016 9:55 pm


Think before buying, Irma. Remember that your son doesn't need many toys. xP

Yea, I did! It was nice but the weather is fking crazy. One day it was sunny as hell and all of a sudden it got so windy and then it started raining badly. >.>
I do like the fact that at this time of the year it gets dark like at 8pm, so late <3

I did not see that many hot girls which I'm disappointed. Didn't see no redhead either... ugh. Wasted vacations I would say XD (just kidding)

Report | 07/01/2016 12:30 pm


My bad. I copy paste your comment above mine so I didn't had to switch tabs to remember the comment. lmao.

Report | 07/01/2016 12:29 pm


I cut my sons hair lol now he looks like a big baby haha
Maybee later ill show you a picture of him.

I do. :<
Life is good so far. I went to Florida for 5 days last week. So fun. x]
How about you? How's the baby, work and life? :'P
I hope you didn't cut his hair enough. >.>
Maybe nothing. Later you will show me a picture of him. xp

Report | 06/28/2016 1:41 pm


iRMA! heart

Perdoname por no hablarte últimamente! Estoy ocupado con cosas personales y otras cosas siempre que me envías un mensaje por FB.
Espero poder sacar tiempo para hablar contigo pronto! Te extraño! :<

Report | 12/25/2015 8:55 am


Feliz Navidad, n***a!
Espero que tengas un lindo día junto a tus seres queridos! heart
Envíale saluditos al bebe! C:

Report | 06/06/2015 5:51 am


But n***a! I didnt know she was taking hidden pics of me while I was giving the seminar presentation. D:

I think that is the best you can do as for now. Get your a** to work extra hard if you think you will need the money for those 2 months.
You can also just sell your brother's stuff on eBay for free money. ;D

Sorry for the late response! I have no internet at home lately. sad
Take much care! I hope everything goes well for yourself and the baby! :')

Report | 05/31/2015 3:36 pm


I sent the pics. :'P

Some n****r threw the ball to me and I failed to catch it, so it hit my thumb. I can't explain it well in English how it happened. I was playing basketball btw.

n***a! Almost there! Stay strong and lazy. xP
Are you excited? xD


Quote me! ❤