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Birthday: 01/26

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This is my about me.
- I'm 16 years of age, I add another one every Jan 26th.
- I'm 6'1", yes I know, 16 AND 6'1", shush, drink milk.
- I'm British, don't insult me, I'll throw a Corgi at you.
- Trying to get that elusive popular CBer status v_v
- I box and do weights for fun, and yes, it's because I'm fat, ******** you.

Any more questions, PM me, I don't bite.
Although the piranhas might...


Questing: Club Verge Custom Gaia SDPlus
2bil/3tril... ********
The awesome list:
Linshon is the master
Hogany is the bomb diggity
Riims is my pizza buddy
Krizzell is the best, swag
Drazelic is the real MVP
Fallen Porno is 4damncool6me
Articunbro is my Starbucks betch
MooMooFail is the 420MLGPR0