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S I M P L Y _ A R T I S T I C
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Main Bio

Name: Jess

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair/Eye Color: Pink Hair, Blue eyes

Hair Length: Long, Seemingly short in pigtails.

Height/Weight: 5'3", 95 lbs.

Scars/Tattoos: She has a large burn scar on her back from a circus accident.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Ethnicity: British.

Marital/Relationship Status: N/A.

Weapon(s): A Wide variety of different items such as cards or smoke bombs. She may sometimes even have a dagger on her. It all depends on what she feels like keeping on her that day. If she should fight, I'll let it be known what she has on her in OOC.


☺ Sweets
☺ Rabbits
☺ Pranks
☺ Out witting others

☢ Octopus & Squid (I count them as one in the same)
☢ Cockiness
☢ Unmanly men
☢ Girls who are constantly on about possessive things

Skills: Extremely Flexible, Very Enduring, and Very Sneaky.

Physique: Curvy. Big Breasted, with an Okay-Good looking a**.

Health: She's bipolar to a degree. Say something rude or annoying, she will start talking as if she were going to kill you.

Strengths: She's very tactical, and very tricky. (The Character herself is like a mix between an Assassin and Shakespearean fool)

Weakness: She's afraid of fire due to the circus accident. She will either go nuts and start screaming, or go on a rampage trying to put it out.

Bio: Born to an Unknown Mother and Father, a baby lay in an empty collapsing house. She cried and cried, but who would come so deep in a forest? It was only a matter of time before she'd die by lack of any food or water. Not even a single animal came to see what all the noise what about.

Luckily, one day her cries were heard. A young man in a weird black and orange get up picked her up and took her home. He, too, was alone. He already had many children living with him. All with a special talent of their own. It was already hard enough to take care of himself, but these little ones, too? He couldn't.. but he tried. No one else would take them, after all. Time bit of time passed and those children grew older. In that time, he had helped them excel a bit in their talent, and eventually this big family became a circus.

Among the Circus "freaks", that baby was now a young girl. She constantly practiced everyone's talent so that if anything had happened to them, she could fill in. She loved this circus and everyone in it. To her, it was like the happiness would never end. That everything after all of the pain and suffering was just going to die and this family would continue to move forward.

However, she was proven wrong. The girl didn't know that in the next 2 years, all of that happiness was going to be taken away. The Circus Accident. Everyone was happily performing. This was one of their biggest events. They were performing in front of the Queen herself. The Ring Master was on introducing the Strongman when it happened.. The tend suddenly caught on fire. Everyone rushed out, pushing each other out of the way. Young Jess struggled to get everyone out, but one person was missing. The Ring Master. She ran back inside only to find him stuck under a blazing net. No.. it wasn't him. The Ring Master had left atleast 15 minutes prior.. that person. That thing.. was just the shell.. There was nothing in it. No one. Jess stood their in shock. She couldn't move. She couldn't even cry. After a few minutes, Jess could hear her name being called. Se snapped out of it. She rushed to the Ring Masters body and tried her best to wake him up. She didn't know any better. The tent slowly came down on her as she tried to free the body. No use. Engulfed in flames, Jess' screams of pain could be heard. Would no one come to save her this time..? It was okay.. Even if they didn't, if she died, she would now be with her Father. Everything went black.

When Jess came too, it was 3 days after the accident. Everyone was still cleaning up the mess. The Strongman, her eldest brother so to say, explained to her what had happened and how many died. He also told her that the Ring Masters body could not be found anywhere in the mess. It wasn't fair.. why him? Why did they take him?! That's all she could think about. That is what drove her to become better. She knows that if he was still around, he would want to her to become her best.

Reason: To excel for the circus' sake, as well as to gain more skills to protect the family she has left.

Theme: Circus Monster by Luka Megurine (English)

Extra: N/A (I'm sure this will change as RP with Jess proceeds)


Dear Future Husband,
when you propose to me, please don’t put the ring in my food because I guarantee

I Will Eat it.

Dream Avis:


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I T O P !

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EAH Raven Queen Report | 09/22/2013 7:44 pm
EAH Raven Queen
User ImageRaven and Maddy looked at Jess and giggled and spoke up."He's names Earl Grey."Maddy said with a smile. "Would you like some tea I have all kinds of tea in my hat."Maddy said with a smile. Raven looked at Jess and spoke up."So who's your fairy tale parent?"She asked. Earl Grey poked her back with the tip of his mini umbrella.
Rose Scissors Report | 09/21/2013 6:35 am
Rose Scissors
"My point is: I don't want to get caught by the Headmistress."
Rose Scissors Report | 09/19/2013 3:49 pm
Rose Scissors
"Because I can't afford to upset my mom by cutting classes on the first day."
Razorblade Smiles Report | 09/19/2013 8:59 am
Razorblade Smiles
[[You got it dearie :} btw I adore your profile song, it works so very well for your avatar ^^]]

Joker had heard the news, all of Gotham had, the circus was in town; reminded him of the good ol’ days, back when the tabloids had a different name for him, ‘The Sideshow Slasher’ a bit too colorful for his tastes, but it didn’t leave lacking for him to reminisce. Flying across the city like a Bat out of hell, Joe burned rubber, avoiding cops easily, sailing through greens, and yellows just before the lights flipped to red, sparing no expense. And as he rounded the corner on Chesterbrook lane, he saw up ahead the familiar pointed steeples of the Big Top Circus. A wide smile burned its way onto his pale face as he gripped the steering wheel tighter, swerving the ‘borrowed’ car in a full arch, until it turned perfectly into the spot across the street, parked between two cars like a professional stunt driver. Switching the car off, he undid the belt, and climbed out, body tall, slender but built swathed in a lush purple suit, paired with an orange vest, and green undershirt. Running his thin gloved hands through his wild emerald green hair, he easily slipped into the event without being charged, easily being mistaken for one of the carnies the way his face appeared ‘painted like a clown’ instant euphoria filled him, and that rosy lipped smile grew, painted lips parting over yellowing teeth. This was a fantastical experience, was he here for the show simply? Or was he here for something more sinister? Only time would tell…
Rose Scissors Report | 09/18/2013 3:59 pm
Rose Scissors
"Fine, but I'm only skipping first and last period."
Razorblade Smiles Report | 09/18/2013 4:59 am
Razorblade Smiles
Why thank you, that is so very sweet of you to say :} . Rp? Oh certainly! After all, I am the Joker -bows- I tend to write lit para posts, but I can adjust the need to any style, if you'd like to RP would you like to start or would you rather have me?
EAH Raven Queen Report | 09/17/2013 7:55 pm
EAH Raven Queen
User Image Raven was wearing her usual outfit and was sitting on the steps of Ever After High with Madeline Hatter and Earl Grey having a nice little tea party with them. Maddy noticed Jess and spoke up."Hello what's your name?"Maddy asked really excited as she had a cup of tea in her hand. Raven looked at Jess and softly smiled and spoke up."Hey."She said.
Rose Scissors Report | 09/17/2013 2:24 pm
Rose Scissors
"Do you have any other ideas?"
Razorblade Smiles Report | 09/17/2013 8:01 am
Razorblade Smiles
"--My, my...what have we here? Aren't you just the perfect little breath of fresh air...I must say kiddo, I LOVE the way you look," ;}
EAH Raven Queen Report | 09/16/2013 7:17 pm
EAH Raven Queen
User ImageUser ImageUser Image

XXRaven Queen says...

XXXSure I'd love to roleplay with you.
You can start if you'd like.


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Avi art by Zealothia
Thank you~ I love it soooo much! <3


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