-New York.
-Video Game Freak.
-Animal Lover.
-Really Sarcastic.
-Wears Hoodies A Lot.
-Likes unusual things. Things that nobody wears, has, etc.
-Doesn't Like Anime.
-I Guess You Would Say That I'm...Taken?
-I Do/Sing/Wear Things That Are So Played Out/Old.
-German, And I Can Speak German.
-Loves Her iPod Touch. <3
-Kinda Nerdy.
-Private Message Me, Or Drop A Comment If You Have Any Other Questions.


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iPod on Shuffle

iPod on Shuffle

"Cause I got some intuition,
Or maybe I'm superstitious
But I think you're a pretty sweet pill that
I'm swallowing down
To counter this addiction, you've got me
on a mission."