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People draw me stuff so it goes here lmao


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female | senior | 17 | INFJ
hey i'm emily and my middle name is louise
i really love dinosaurs ok never forget that ever
i'm 5'9 and a 1/2 as of like 4 yeas ago?? yea
i am a very sleepy person who drinks gallons of water a day
i'm not usually online when my boyfriend is over
my first account was from 2006 holla

currently playing: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X, Wadanohara
currently watching: Yowapeda, Free: Eternal Summer, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe
currently reading: Homestuck, Ava's Demon, Obsolete Dream

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About Arcadia

Arcadia isn’t fond of anybody, really. Committing a supposedly awful sin as a deer/fawn in the Garden Of Eden, she was sentenced to a series of betrayal ending in her death through countless reincarnations. The sin itself she is unsure of, as she has lived and died many times. Before she can be forgiven, and forgive herself, she must figure out the original sin. After each death, she would regain most memory of more recent lives, only to be forgotten upon being born again. She has decided to stop the cycle, and is now trying to find out what she had done so she can finally move on.

Since Arcadia has lived many lives, and has died at many ages, it is unsure exactly how old she is. In her recent death, she was violently murdered at the age 19. She is unsure as to who the culprit was, though. Since her death can only be caused by betrayal, she must have known the person well.

Although Arcadia has various physical traits from past lives, her personally generally stays the same. She also has occasional flashbacks from previous reincarnations.

Art By Eukleides

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Image: "Seeing Sound" by Bianca Green

Song: Morgan Page - Your Love (Kevin Wild Remix)

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