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Location: Adventuring

Occupation: Contest Star / Explorer

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About Me

female | high school graduate | 18 | INFJ
hey i'm emily and my middle name is louise
i'm a cancer sun / capricorn moon, born july 19th
i sometimes cosplay shiny milotic and mega banette
i really love dinosaurs, insects, stones/gems, and pokemon
i'm 5'9 and a 1/2 as of like 4 yeas ago?? yea
i am a very sleepy person who drinks a lot of water
my favorite band is rush and i've seen them twice
diancie's dex number is my birthday
my first account was from 2006 holla

favorite movie: Jurassic Park Trilogy, Pokemon Heroes

favorite shows: Death Parade, Sailor Moon, Yowapeda,
Soul Eater, Princess Jellyfish, No Game No Life, Hibike Euphonium,
Gosick, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe

favorite planet: Moon, Saturn, Neptune

favorite stones: Lapis, Moonstone

favorite food: Donuts, Pizza, Chips, Tortellini Alfredo

favorite pokemon: Milotic, Aurorus, Vaporeon, Banette,
Goodra, Alakazam, Carracosta, Wailord, Raichu, Kabutops, Flygon,
Cradily, Relicanth, Swampert, Diancie, Lati@s, Regice, Suicune, Kyogre,

favorite musicians: Rush, Foxes, Porter Robinson, Walk The Moon, Grimes

favorite games: Pokemon [mystery dungeon blue/sky, emerald,
alpha sapphire, black2, silver], AC:NL, Dangan Ronpa

About Milotic

Name: Ariadne

Species: Tender Pokemon

Ariadne, a shiny Milotic, is a PKMN Contest star, best known for her
performance in the Beauty category. She enjoys the energy of her fans
and the contest spotlight. She was born as a pokemon in present day
Sootopolis, long after the last humans.

While walking in town one day, a Shiny Mega Lopunny (Judah) recruits her
into a newly formed Exploration Team. At first, she was weary and not
particularly fond of the idea, as she previously lived a quiet life off the contest
scene. Eventually, though, she warmed up to Judah, and the two became
best friends. She is cunning, calm, and quiet in contrast to her beloved,
energetic partner. Such differences give these two a well rounded, ready-for
anything team.

One day, the dynamic duo went on a mission in a difficult terrain and got
temporarily lost. They were struggling through the dungeon when kind, shiny,
Mega Gardevoir (Verity) offered her assistance to team Radiance, aiding them
in their travel through the difficult conditions. Judah offered to let Verity join
their team, in which she hesitantly obliged. Ariadne was a bit shaken at first,
as they had not known Verity for too long, but over time they became close.

Coat: Shiny

Affiliation: Team Radiance

Bag Contents: Rare Fossil, Aqua Monica, Amber Tear, Blue Gummi,
Zinc, Beauty Scarf, Lost Loot, Moon Ribbon, Melody Stone, Minty Ribbon, Iron,
GB Sounds, Old Amber, Tidal Bell, Rare Bone, Ribbon Case, Relic Crown,
Kelpsy Berry, Shell Bell, Shoal Shell, Gorgeous Chest

Moveset: Hydro Pump, Scald, Acid Armour, Rain Dance

Ability: Marvel Scale

Aesthetic: Stained Glass

Aura: A gentle mint green

Pokepuff: Supreme Wish


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