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People draw me stuff so it goes here lmao


About Me

female | senior | 17 | INFJ
hey i'm emily and my middle name is louise
i really love dinosaurs ok never forget that ever
i'm 5'9 and a 1/2 as of like 4 yeas ago?? yea
i am a very sleepy person who drinks gallons of water a day
i'm not usually online when my boyfriend is over
my first account was from 2006 holla

currently playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
currently watching: Yowapeda, Gravity Falls
currently reading: Ava's Demon, Princess Jellyfish

My Face:

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About Ariadne

Ariadne is a Yowamusi Pedal Go! OC of mine that I made with a couple of friends. We make up AU's that also include our OC's, like; fantasy, RPG, one school, etc etc

Name: Ariadne
Age: 18
DOB: July 1st
Home Country: Italy
School: Hakone Academy
Height: 5'9" and 1/2
Friend/Rival: Emilio [Gerald's OC]
Best Friend: Judah [Jillian's OC]

- Punk/Floral clothes
- Orchestra
- Biking
- Deer
- Sailing

- Cat
- Ferret

Physical Traits:
- Long, Dark Brown Hair. To the middle of her back. Dip-dyed dark blue.
- Brown eyes, not so dark.
- Scarce freckles on her cheeks closer to the sides of her face
- Wide-ish hips

- All-Rounder / Ace
- Slouches Always
- Eats literally all day everyday.
- Catholic
- Usually wears a headband

Fantasy AU: Light Fairy
Monster AU: Banshee / Arcadia Alias
RPG AU: Elf / Potion Seller


Ain't she cute.

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Image: A cover from the Princess Jellyfish manga

Song: Gumi - Candy Candy (Instrumental)

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