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About Me

female | college student | 18 | INFJ
hey i'm emily and my middle name is louise
i'm a cancer sun / capricorn moon, born july 19th
i sometimes cosplay shiny milotic and mega banette
i really love dinosaurs, insects, stones/gems, and pokemon
i also really love the ocean, palm trees, and fish
i'm 5'9 and a 1/2 as of like 4 yeas ago?? yea
i am a very sleepy person who drinks a lot of water
my favorite band is rush and i've seen them twice
diancie's dex number is my birthday
my first account was from 2006 holla

favorite movie: Jurassic Park Trilogy, Pokemon Heroes

favorite shows: Death Parade, Sailor Moon, Yowapeda,
Soul Eater, Princess Jellyfish, No Game No Life, Hibike Euphonium,
Gosick, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, GSNK

favorite planet: Moon, Saturn, Neptune

favorite stones: Lapis, Moonstone

favorite food: Donuts, Pizza, Chips, Tortellini Alfredo

favorite pokemon: Milotic, Aurorus, Vaporeon, Banette,
Goodra, Alakazam, Carracosta, Wailord, Raichu, Kabutops, Flygon,
Cradily, Relicanth, Swampert, Diancie, Lati@s, Regice, Suicune, Kyogre,

favorite musicians: Rush, Foxes, Porter Robinson, Walk The Moon, Grimes

favorite games: Pokemon [mystery dungeon blue/sky, emerald,
alpha sapphire, black2, silver], AC:NL, Dangan Ronpa

Kindred Trainer

Name: Louise

Hometown: Aekea

Kindred: Hembria (Donatella)

Occupation: Student, Kindred Trainer

Association: Aekea High, Kindred Elite

Color Scheme: Black-Brown + Cream/Ivory + Light Gold

Likes: tiaras, skulls, sleeping, kindred, fur coats (faux),

Dislikes: crimson, losing, sycamorte

During the search for Kanoko, more kindred fled the woods and began populating other parts of Gaia. Cria, a rare breed, had a spike in population for a limited time. Louise, a semi-popular kindred trainer from Aekea, was able to find one, naming her Donatella. She is currently undergoing her own search for Kanoko, but the campers have no knowledge of her involvement.

Louise is aloof and intimidating. Her abilities as a Kindred Trainer has gained her some popularity. She is a frequent topic amongst those discussing news on the Kindred outbreak, it as though she is sort of an idol. Louise has become part of the top elite kindred trainers and attends their exclusive events for her own personal motives.