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Irken Mar Report | 03/09/2015 1:44 pm
Irken Mar
My lovely wifu
1chainsmoker3 Report | 01/24/2015 3:22 am
No problem biggrin
Selena_Chen Report | 01/11/2015 9:52 am
You're welcome! Thank you for the items! smile
Irken Mar Report | 12/25/2014 10:17 am
Irken Mar
Irken Mar Report | 12/24/2014 7:50 am
Irken Mar
Just dropping by to say 'heyyy' XD
SilverFoxyLycan Report | 12/21/2014 10:53 am
Eh idk honestly...there are more and more people actually joining but because of the high prices in MP and all these new items in CS only it's hard for the new people to even keep an interest on the site cause they can't afford anything unless they spend cash._.
SilverFoxyLycan Report | 12/20/2014 2:21 pm
When you've been around gaia as long as I have and have the habit of observing the going ons around you through time you tend to take note of the causes and affects of the things that happen....I'm sure the current people mainly running gaia know what these rigs are doing to the community but they don't honestly care or can't do anything about it cause the person actually running gaia just wants profit...At least this is what I think on that matter.....I mean it wouldn't be so bad if say they had cash-out rigs maybe twice a year....This would cause a decline in prices in the MP if they didn't put out cash-out rigs in cash shop all the time and keep the community healthier in the long run. Sadly this is coming from someone who isn't exactly the smartest leaf the fall from the tree and I'm not always fast on the uptake but the fact that I've noticed this and can see other ways around making profit and making this place a healthy and friend place to be on says something....and I didn't take business classes...ever....I took Culinary;~;

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( That's how I am btw....
I think this is the only reason why even though I took special education classes almost all my school life, why I was able to pass and you know graduate with fairly good grade when I hit high school....
I over think things and rethink things over and over again. I even play scenes out in my heads or write them down...
Maybe this is why my doctor tells me I have to take my sleeping meds & anxiety meds at I'll sleep.....
Might also be the reason why I take meds twice a day to be able to slow my mind down so I can get things done.....

O btw...if you haven't notice by now...I'm something of a Gif whore......I love my gifs;~; )
SilverFoxyLycan Report | 12/20/2014 12:23 pm
I can honestly tell you why the MP is going down the shitter.......there is always rigs...or CI's...I prefer not to actually dirty the CI name with those disgusting things....that give off lots of gold like billions or trillions of gold so since people are getting these rigs they think all there items are worth more than they actually are and the rise of the percent taken from each item sold in MP had no affect what-so-ever since they keep putting these rigs all started with the booty and chest items...Flynn that darn skank.....
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(Why must they ruin my gaia?...What did I do so wrong for gaia to being in ruins like this and to be treated like some cash cow just to be able to get the stuff I like?....
Are we even counted as people on here anymore.....I mean I remember actually meeting the creators of this site on towns1 and such...
Really nice people honestly and I doubt they would of ever thought to shove all these sales and random rigs down our throats daily.....I want old gaia back......)
SilverFoxyLycan Report | 12/19/2014 10:25 am
Honestly....I lost Hope in gaia long ago when stuff was in the mil range in MP all the time.......I'd finally reached the bil area and was able to buy stuff in MP and stuff in MP started selling for bils soon after that.....I'm too scared to let my gold go down below 2bil......I have 9bil atm......mainly cause now and then I spend money on here for either EI's I like or CI's......and I do it when there is profit like those tier things where you get extra and might get something worth selling......
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Anyways.....I like you.....You're like...AWESOME in my book....which is hard for people to get into that section>.>

This times verification is "carry on"
SilverFoxyLycan Report | 12/18/2014 3:36 pm
I've had my eyes on the item Holly Roger since like the beginning of September and whenever I check on it I swear the damn price inflates or just gets further out of reach......who normally has like 80bil or 100bil?!?!?!?!?! I was born here years ago when the Gaia dino's still roamed....and Lanzer hadn't abandoned us....what did I do to deserve this torture?
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Strangely enough I'm crying because of this but the stupid answer thing to be able to submit this tells me to type out "laugh at me"....

Welcome to my store

Hello I dont sell a lot of things on the market place I mainly sell it right when I dont want it for quick money. I hope you like my items for sale so Ill start selling things on here. whee I sell them a little lower than the average price wink


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