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Inuyasha is a hanyou . His mother was a human and his father was a very strong youkai. He was made fun of and singled-out by demons and humans because he wasn’t a full youkai nor human. Although he is a hanyou, he's still strong; stronger than most full youkai.His half-brother is Sesshomaru, but they don't act like family. When they meet, all they do is try to kill each other.He has three different appearances: half-demon form,(normal) human form, and demon form when his demon blood takes over.

Inuyasha's sword might look rusty and old, but when it transforms, its strength dramatically increases. It can kill 100 creatures at once if used right. There's one way to make this sword transform, the wielder must use it to protect humans. There's also a barrier it, so it cannot be touched by demons. Only those with human blood can to touch it. It’s most likely due to the fact that it was made using one of the fangs of Inuyasha's dead father, who loved a human.The Tetsusaiga can also transform into a bright red fang and break through strong force fields.
This sword also keeps Inuyasha's demon blood from taking over in life risking situations. Inuyasha must have it in his hand if he does not want to transform.
His appearance is almost the same as a normal human being, except he just has dog ears and possesses some dog characteristics. For example, he itches his ear with his foot like a dog. He also sits like a dog.
He has silver hair and brown-orange eyes. His clothing is all red. He wears a white shirt underneath. He also has very long claws.
He is also forced to wear a magic necklace which make him fall down whenever Kagome says "Sit Boy!".

Inuyasha inherited a very powerful type of demon blood from his dad, which the body of a half-demon cannot control. In a life risking situation when he is not using a tetsusaiga, his demon blood takes over his body and he becomes a demon-like form. He is not a full demon in this form, he still remains a half-demon. In this transformation, Inuyasha loses himself completely. He destroys everything in sight, whether it's a human or a demon. He might even kill Kagome because he has no way of knowing what he’s doing. When he transforms back into his normal-self, he can’t remember anything. If he transforms into this state alot, Inuyasha would not be able to go back to normal and he would go on destroying until his body died. Most demons with a strong sense of smell have noticed that his blood smells like the blood of a full demon.His eyes become completely red and his claws become dripping with the blood of the many creatures he has killed. His face also becomes dark and his expression becomes creepy.

Sadly enough for Inuyasha, during the night of the new moon,(When the moon appears to be gone) his changes and becomes human because he is a half-demon. He loses his dog ears, and his claws. His hair becomes black. It's not just his appearance that changes, he also loses the ability to use normal attacks, his ability to heal quickly, and his tetsusaiga does not transform when he uses it.Other half-demons hide when they transform to keep the exact day of the transformation a secret. Inuyasha also does this, but when his friends are in danger, he risks everything, even his secret.

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