Welcome to my profile, everyone. I am Inuneko Shido and I am an '05'er of Gaia! I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. I adore random comments, PMs, and gifts! ♥ Don't be shy, talk to me!

Note: Was born April 10, 1992. (You do the math on how old I am now. >.>)

True Love: Someone very close and who will always be there, my universe...

I feel a hole inside my heart,
Lost in all these memories.
You said you'd wait for me in our time of mourning.
The darkness is getting restless,
I fight trying to understand this..
This fate that was inflicted upon our destiny.

I feel this sadness in my heart
My world is falling fast
There's no time for me to last..
Have we fallen for the worse,
I feel them pulling on my leash
Holding back
I can't release myself from all this pain...
Will we ever be the same...?
Will we ever be the same....?
I'm awaiting my fate...

The blood pumps through my veins,

I've clearly gone insane with insecurity..

Is this reality?

I shut myself up deep inside,

From this darkness,

I can't hide the way I feel..

The screams are getting louder,

The pain won't seem to falter..

I'm in need of your soul,

But it's hard to control...

It's hard to control the feelings that I feel,

I need your warmth to guide me through the darkness..

(Time of mourning - Inuneko Shido)

My Universe..
You mean the world to me,
And I think of you everyday.
Be strong and hopeful,
We will be together soon, my dearest.
I love you..
Forever and Always,
Take me in your arms and
Say you'll never leave me in the darkness.
Spread your warmth though me,
Take this pain away,
Be forever mine,
Be my stars and sky,
I'll be forever yours,
Until we turn to dust..
Forever and Always,
My Beloved Universe..

(Forever and Always, My Universe.. - Inuneko Shido)

My Dream Avis:

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SDPlus #408 Bloody Mary (Hair)
Masquerade (Shadow Mascara)
Masquerade (Black Eyeshadow)
Lovely Lucie (Flirty Eyes)
Little Lucie (Young Lady\'s Cameo Compact)
HoC: Succubus Zivva (Corset)
Bloodstone Maiden (Studded Heels)
November Dark Mythrill Devil Horns
Asmodeus\' Wings
Black Lace Heart Mood Bubble (left)
Dante\'s Divine Verdict (Sleeves)
Ebony and Ivory (Sparkling Stockings)
Astra-88: Red Blinking Come-Hither Eyes (Still)
Halloween 2k12 Light Vampire Potion

A drawing of my Beloved and I. smilies/icon_heart.gif


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Death never found and love never forgotten

Name:Bianca Age:19 Sex:Female,of course Well hi...I would write poems and/or entrys about my life here So..anyway..enjoy what you read..


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Mother Birthday

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Mrs Ace

Thank you for buying heart
Mrs Ace

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Mrs Ace

Thank you for buying heart
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Mother Birthday

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nothing really im surprised that you actually remember me lol... your avatar is divine 2 blaugh

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Omg I remember u ! U was Angels friend!
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Mother Birthday

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