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Mystery Skulls~Magic [BYNON REMIX]


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Welcome My Darlings~<3

Inu x Boku Ririchiyo-Sama's avatar

Last Login: 11/19/2016 9:08 pm

Registered: 06/23/2010

Gender: Female

Location: Yur Pants~BD

Birthday: 04/06

Occupation: Self-Proclaimed Magical Futa

About Ririchiyo/Me

Hai thar those who view my profile~♪

If you want to know more about feel free to pm cuse I really don't fee like editing this crap.

I have many likes most of them are centered around game,anime,cartoons, hentai,and yaoi.

I also like to rp. Haven't done it awhile but feel free to message me if you want.(Though I must warn you I really don't do more than 2-3 paragraphs.Also I REALLY like NSFW rp's cuz I'm a SUPER PERV:cute:)

Dislikes hackers,buttholes,trolls, any body whose mean to another person and whole bunch of other crap.

If you want avi art don't be afraid to message me!smilies/icon_heart.gif

Though I would need help pricing things out!XD

Okay I done :/

Lovely Company

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Captain McToasty Report | 05/18/2016 9:28 pm
Gaia made me this way! emotion_sweatdrop
Koyado Report | 04/06/2015 5:23 pm
Happy Birthday!!!~ 4laugh heart
0h Sup Bro Report | 05/03/2014 11:28 am
XD alright. ill give it a go.
0h Sup Bro Report | 05/03/2014 11:18 am
If you like i can use my tablet and go over it. and color it.
Then you can use it as a sample :3
0h Sup Bro Report | 05/03/2014 10:42 am
Oh my gawd. Lmao!
Thats amazing!

Thank you so much hahaha
its so perfect.

Gosh you need a tablet! biggrin
you could have a thriving art shop heart
Koyado Report | 05/02/2014 4:13 pm
Lolz! What for you? o wo
Koyado Report | 05/02/2014 3:25 pm
Awww I'm sorry. That must have been a pain to deal with. :c
But that great to hear that it made it feel better. ^ w^ <3 Hope things get even more better for you. Would hate to see you go through it again. *hugstight* > n<
But no I havent sorries..... T oT Wow that was real nice of them. whee Did you ask everyone else on your friends list? * 0*
Koyado Report | 05/02/2014 1:14 pm
Heyhey! -^ 0^- Yes it has been. How are you? Been doing alright with yourself? x3
Uhm I dont think soo. > 3< Someone gift you something while you was away? O:
Whore Vargas Report | 03/26/2014 2:43 pm
Ah, unfortunately, I do not.

(( Ah, I've been out of internet for a long long time. ))
Master Kagerou Report | 03/08/2014 3:29 pm
Welcome me back, my fiancee, for I AM BACK!
Prince Bagel
The Earth King
0h Sup Bro
Yu Kanda-Akuma Hunter
iShieru Fantomuhaivu
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