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Posted: 10:?? PM SEPTEMBER 27, 2007

My Comments on Eclipse:
1. I liked the conversation between Edward and Bella when Edward sees the Car Stereo in Bella's closet
2. I like the end of Chapter 3: The note-passing conversation
3. DEFINATELY not a book for children!!
4. I'm currently mentally blocking out the entire Chapter 20...
I FINISHED THE BOOK!! (08.09.07 9:42 PM) If you wanna talk to me about it, PM me!!

Manga Series I've Completed:
Full Moon o Sagashite

Manga Series I'm Reading:
Bleach (Book 3)
Ceres: Celestial Legend (Book 4)
Full Metal Alchemist (book 17)
Fruits Basket (Book 17)
Yu Yu Hakusho (Book 15)
Rurouni Kenshin (I've read books 19-2smilies/icon_cool.gif
D.Gray-Man (book 7)

Manga Series I'm Going To Start:
Death Note
Rozen Maiden

Anime Series I've Completed:
FullMetal Alchemist (eng) (Movie and OVAs too)
Fruits Basket (eng)
InuYasha (eng) (All but one movie: Affections Touching Across Time)
Full Moon wo Sagashite (Jap w/ subs) (Including the Extra)
Ceres: Celestial Legend (Jap w/ subs)
Yu Yu Hakusho (eng) (Have seen Ring of Fire, Golden Seal)
Rurouni Kenshin (eng) (some OVAs, excluding movie)

Anime Series I'm Working On:
Naruto (Ep. 105)
Mar (41)
Bleach (Ep 51)
Blood (ep 26)
Chobits (ep 6)
D.Gray-Man (ep 1)
DN Angel (ep 21)
YuGiOh GX (ep 121)

My Favorite Episodes:
Bleach: Can't exactly tell yet. I like around episode 40 ^^
Blood :
Ceres: None were good enough to make me watch them twice
DN Angel: EPs 18 and on (I've only seen 20 so far)
Fruits Basket: Episode 10 when Hatsuharu comes in. (LOVE the voice actor!)
Full Moon: The last 10 episodes
FullMetal Alchemist: The Lab 5 arc
InuYasha: The arc with Jakotsu, Makotsu, Suikotsu and them
Mar: All so far (I'm on 41)
Naruto: Around episode 90-100
Rurouni Kenshin: The Shishio Arc
Yu Yu Hakusho: The Last episodes of the Chapter Black Arc and the entire Three Kings Saga
Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The second season in the english dub, now I need to go watch the GOOD version, the subbed.

Check out my fanfics on fanfiction.net. My username is 'fullmetal alchemistress'. OR check out my book on fictionpress.com, same username ^^


Name(s): Kim (Nickname: Kimmie-chan)

Favorite Color: Purple, White, and Black

Favorite Animal: Cow

Favorite Mythical Creature: Angels, Vampires, and Faeries

Favorite Band: Evanescence

Favorite Singer: Vic Mignogna

Current American Songs That I'm Obsessed With: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (By Fall Out Boy), Far From Home and Nothing I Wont Give (both by Vic Mignogna)

Current Japanese Songs That I'm Obsessed With: Ichirin no Hana, Aozora no Namida, Erernal Snow (Route L Version), and Naruto Ondo

Songs I Want:
1. "Who Knew" By Pink
2. "Big Girls Don't Cry" By Fergie
3. "Hey Ther Dilyla" By Plain White Tees (I don't know if spelled the title write smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif)
4. "Ironic" By Alanis Morissette
5. "Makes Me Wonder" By Maroon 5
5. "Time After Time" By Quiet Drive
7. "What I've Done" By Linkin Park
8. "2cm" By Rie Fu
9. "Beaming Sunlight" By Ooshima Michiru
10. "Beautiful Words" By Rie Fu
11. "Change the World" By Unknown Artist
12. "Decay" By Rie Fu
13. "Dive" By For U
14. "Equivalent Exchange" By Ooshima Michiru
15. "Fate" By Ooshima Michiru
16. "Feel" By Crystal Kay
17. "Four Seasons" By Namie Amuro
18. "Harmony" By Unknown Artist
19. "Homunculus" By Ooshima Michiru
20. "Hoshi ni Negai wo" By Rie Fu
21. "I So Wanted" By Rie Fu
22. "Memories" By Unknown Artist
23. "Nothing I Won't Give" By Vic Mignogna
24. "Road To Shambala" By Ooshima Michiru
25. "Somebody's World" By Rie Fu
26. "They Always Talk About" By Rie Fu
27. "Warette, Megumi no Motto he" By Rie Fu
28. "Wind" By Toshiru Masuda
29. "For Fruits Basket" By Ritsuko Okazuki
30. "Little Prayer" By Ritsuko Okazuki
31. "One~ Konoyo Hatetemo Hanarenai" By Day Break

Anime/Manga Look Alikes:
1. Kaishu Katsu (Rurouni Kenshin) and The Third Hokage (Naruto)
2. Youko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) and InuYasha (InuYasha)
3. Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) and Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin)
4. Sailor Mars (Sailor Moon) and Kikyou (InuYasha)
I had some fun looking up these.I thought it was funny when I saw Yuki (Fruits Basket) paired up with a lot of different girls, and when Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho) got paired up with Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. smilies/icon_rofl.gif. Anyways, if you find any that aren't listed here, PM me and I'll see if I can put it up. (If I don't read or watch it, I may not UNLESS I know the character meaning a friend has told me the basic story).

Vids You HAVE to See If You're into These Anime:
Fruits Baquette: Episode 9 of Fruits Basket I think. Anyways, It's pretty funny!
FullMetal Alchemist Cosplay Skit: Ed and Al are on guitar while Mustang sings "Ready-Steady-Go!" By L'arc-en-ciel. Really neat because they are actually playing the song. It's not a pre-record.
Rurouni Kenshin AMV: A really cool AMV (I like it anyways). To the song "Faint".
FMA Clips: This is SO Funny! It's one of those "looks professional" things except with sound clips from random things like Finding Nemo and Family Guy. It's uber amazing!

My Question of the Month: If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long does it take a monkey to kick the seeds out of a pickle?

Favorite Book(s): Eclipse, Twilight

Favorite Anime/Manga Forever And Ever: Yu Yu Hakusho, DN Angel

Favorite Pairs:
-Yu Yu Hakusho: YusukexKeiko, KuwabaraxYukina
-Ceres, Celestial Legend: YuuhixAya
-Full Moon: TakutoxMitsuki, IzumixMeroko, EichixMitsuki
-FullMetal Alchemist: MustangxHawkeye
-InuYasha: InuYashaxKagome, MerokuxSango, NarakuxKikyou
-Cyber Idol Mink: MotoharuxMink
-Naruto: NarutoxHinata, SakuraxLee, ShikamaruxIno, KibaxHinata, GaaraxNaruto, SasukexNaruto (I'm not so warmed up to this one, nope, not enough to read a fic yet)
-Fruits Basket: YukixTohru, KyoxKagura, HiroxMisa, ShigurexAyame (XD)
-Rurouni Kenshin: KenshinxKaoru, SanosukexMegumi, YahikoxLittle Girl from the Akabeka XD

Hate Pairs:
---Yu Yu Hakusho:
---Ceres, Celestial Legend:
-AkixAya (Dude, they're TWINS...)
-TouyaxAya (It bugs me. He doesn't desrve her...)
---Full Moon:
-TakutoxMeroko (Nonono)
-IzumixMitsuki (What is wrong with you people??)
-TakutoxIzumi (SERIOUSLY!!! What the hell is wrong with you?!?!)
---FullMetal Alchemist:
-EdxAl (I'd REALLY like to know what you people are on...)
-EdxMustang (Again, They ARE NOT gay! Go read the fic in my favs that mustang wrote about this subject...)
-EdxWinry (Don't like it much anymore...)
-AlxWinry (wtf...)
-MustangxEnvy (GET SOME HELP!!)
-AnyonexAny Sin (Again, GET HELP!!)
-InuYashaxKikyou (Yeah...wanna know what it's like to kiss Kikyou? Kiss a clay pot...SHE WONT STAY DEAD! So if you murder her to get insurence money, well, it just wont happen...)
-NarakuxKagura (Aren't they like, father and daughter or something? I mean Kagura CAME OUT OF Naraku...would that make him a girl? XD lol)
-HojoxKagome (Who the hell thought this one up?)
- SasukexSakura (A friend of mine always says "Sakura doesn't understand Sasuke and everything he's gone through." So I'll stick to that)
-SasukexIno (Eww)
-SakuraxIno (Bigger Ew)
---Fruits Basket:
-YukixKyo (Why scar me??)
-KyoxTohru (Yuckies!!)
-ShigurexTohru (Statutory rape...)
-AyamixTohru (Again, rape...)

My Favorite Book Quotes:
Book: Twilight
Quote: "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb."
"What a stupid lamb."
"What a sick, masochistic lion."

My Confessions:
1. I still sleep with my bear and blanket. I'm a sophmore.
2. When no ones home, I dance around my house.
3. You can't eat a hotdog without the cheese.
4. I believe that if Edward Cullen were real, he'd be arrested for being so damn hot.
5. I'm a Hiei fangirl
6. I'm a Kurama fangirl
7. I frequently think of ways to slaughter people and how they would turn out
8. Most of them I are impossible due to the fact that I wouldn't want to clean it up...
9. The stupidest thing I've done with a friend was, we made a giant pop rock and dropped it in her pool. -BOOM-
10. I stopped playing on neopets, because a really cute guy said it was stupid (And I got frozen ^^smilies/icon_wink.gif
11. I really don't care what people think...except that one guy...
12. I believe that if I lost a lot of IQ points, I would be a cheerleader (no offense to any cheerleaders who don't know me)
13. Sometimes I just wanna hug my dog until her guts come out her eye sockets
14. I like to find a line of ants, squish one, watch the scatter, then pour a thin layer of water on them and watch them drown.
15. I'm not a very violent person smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
16. I flick my teachers off behind thier backs...
17. I flick my teachers off in their face...
18. Me and a few friends want to brutally murder my cousin (She took one look at the COVER of the FullMetalc Alchemist DVD Cover and said "Yeah, that's stupid. I FORCED her to watch the first episode but no luck...)

Words of the Year:
-cha-cha-cha (kkk)
-Dana the talking Chree

Things I've Always Wanted to do:
1. Shove a fork far into someones forehead
2. Punt my little chahuahua
3. Tie a brick to some fishing line and throw it into a lake and fish that way
4. Butter a cat and drop it from my window just to see what would happen
5. take a lot of little peices of paper and write "you won!" on them and leave them all in someone's mailbox
6. Own a Man-Eating-Ostrich (Santa never brings me one :'()
7. Free all the marshmellows
8. Take a raft to the top of a tall raft ride, and peg the people on the ground below with the raft

Things I Hate:
1. When people try to tell me how to write my stories
2. When people repeatedly try to tell me the difference between Yaoi, Yuri, and Ecchi -- I ALREADY KNOW
3. When people try to repeadetly tell me what they mean, again, I ALREADY KNOW
4. When someone who sags their pants asks ME If I got dressed in the dark
5 When someone tries to dress/act/talk like me
6. Cheerleaders (ONLY AT MY SCHOOL!!)
7. The blonds at my school
8. When people say I'm 'prejudice against blonds' because some b***h told them I was. (FYI: A few of my best friends are blond, me ex-bf was blond)
9. When some poeple on my dance team say I wont make the elite team this summer (I'm trying out July 25th!)
10. When people say anime/manga is stupid
11. When some people try to get you to stop doing something (ex. reading/ watching anime/manga, learning japanese)
12. When people take more than 4 different dance classes...and don't get any better...
13. People who talk in class, disrespect the teacher, and disrespect other students, and then turn around and DEMAND respect

My Favourite Meaningful Quotes:
-Don't cry over anyone who wouldn't cry over you
-To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world
-Trust takes years to build, but seconds to shatter
-To succeed, you must be willing to fail
-Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trustion them enough not to
-Everyone laughs in the same language
-Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened
-A friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out
-A friend is one who would bail you out of jail; a bestfriend would be the one sitting next to you saying "Dude! We beat the s**t out of his a**!"
-Death is life's way of saying "You're Fired"
-Never look down on someone unless your helping them up

My Favourite Meaningless Quotes:
-Don't follow in my footsteps, I walk into walls
-There are three types of people in this world: Ones that can count, and ones that can't
-Eat right, excersize regularly, die anyway
-I hear voices and they don't like you
-If at first you don't succeed, failures meant to be your thing
-A life? Cool! Where can I download one of those?
-Smile...it confuses people
-If practice makes perfect, and nobody's perfect, why practice?
-A person who aims at nothing is sure to hit it
-If you ask a stupid question, you gt a stupid answer
-I had three muffins, then I ate one, now I only have 2!

Things That Are Really Pissing Me Off Right Now:
-Our Dance Production: High School Musical

DANCE TAKUTO!! smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif


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Welcome to my journal! I have alot of thoughts about things. If I say something in here you don't like, you can argue it, but don't be rude or call names. If you do argue, please be civil. Just state your opinion/side and I'll look it over. I am very random and fun to be with. If I mention anime couples you think are "noob couples", leave it. I don't think there are such things. What these couples are, are called "Opinions"! lol.

I have alot of thoughts about things. If I say something in here you don't like, you can argue it, but don't be rude or call names. If you do argue, please be civil. Just state your opinion/side and I'll look it over.



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