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I've been a member of Gaia since I was 11 on several accounts and surprisingly, I am still here. I get on here from time to time now though. A lot has changed and honestly, I miss the old Gaia..
JD | 20 | VA.
Ethnicity? Guess.
Happily taken ♥11.12.13♥
I don't do online dating.
Give me avi art & signs. ;__;
I go on cruises and road trips maybe almost every year. c:
I am a bit wild. c;
I get annoyed with a lot of things.
I tend to get distracted a lot too.
I feel the need to make everything perfect. I'm OCD like that.
People who say, "years young." have serious issues.
I tend to see a lot of desperate ******** on Gaia tryna cyber. Sick. I don't give a flying ******** if you are kidding. You are taking that s**t too far.
People who start drama on Gaia make me laugh.
You'll see me changing my avi constantly cause I can't make up my own damn mind.
I donate. Not much though. Don't go begging now.
Kik me; JaydeeWaydee001

Behind the avi.

internet boredom
Trainer Scout