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Name: Rebecca, Becky, or Becca
My Gaia nicknames are: Inspire and Paradise and Pandora
Age: 27
Sex: gender-fluid use female pronouns
Sexuality: Panromantic Demisexual
Style: Emo/Geek
Birthday: Nov. 27th
Personal Quote: Only the truly creative are known as insane.

My Music Style: Rock, Dubstep, Goth, Emo, Punk, Pop rock, Alternative, and Industrial (Nine Inch Nails)

Favorite movies: Howl's moving castle, Spirited away, Big Hero 6, Rise of the guardians, How to your dragon 1&2, Paranorman and Coraline

Favorite TV shows: Invader Zim, Gravity Falls, Over the garden wall, Steven Universe and Danny phantom

Favorite writers: Edgar Allan Poe, Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, Emily Dickinson, Doctor Seuss and Shel Silverstein

Favorite gaming platforms: 3DS, Wii U, PlayStation 3 and The Xbox 360


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tonoxtekko Report | 10/01/2015 6:57 am
Oh noooo! D: D: D: Sorry to hear that darlin'! Hot soup! Snuggly beds! Tea with honey and lemon! *sends over a truck if TLC*
tonoxtekko Report | 09/11/2015 6:58 pm
Oh hush! I'm older than you! dramallama
tonoxtekko Report | 09/11/2015 4:28 pm
Oh. My glob.
So as I've been going through I glance up at the publish date like 'Oh, 2007? That was only-" ...*heart sink* "...Almost a decade ago..." Oh frack I feel so ooooooold...
tonoxtekko Report | 09/11/2015 4:24 pm
Oh wooooooooow fictionpress! I totally forgot about this place (probably because I've been stuck on HP for the last...uh. That doesn't matter). OH SHOOT I JUST REMEMBER HARLEQUIN HAS A WRITING CONTEST! Ahhhh crap I think the deadline was Sept 2nd;;; ah, well. *peeks at stories*
tonoxtekko Report | 09/07/2015 5:11 pm
BABIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Bwahaha oh man how exciting!! Thank you~ heart Glad to know things are going well! I was just wondering if you had been by the shop heart
tonoxtekko Report | 09/05/2015 7:41 pm
heart S'up lovie? How ya' doin'?
tonoxtekko Report | 09/05/2015 7:27 pm
*curls up against* Hey there darlin'!
trekkie74205 Report | 07/27/2015 12:33 am
cool avi
Zylo the Wolfbane Report | 01/19/2015 12:34 am
Thanks! Yours is looking nice too! biggrin

signed :hugs:
Zylo the Wolfbane
Bella Mandolina Report | 01/07/2015 4:30 pm
Oh, thank you very much!

Pretty Little Head