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To all the curious people, who listen to electronica, my username does come from DJ Tiësto's series of ablums, titled In Search Of Sunrise. Yes, I know. It's quite original. . .[/sarcasm] Originality isn't my strong point, so leave me alone on that. smilies/icon_gonk.gif

I'm seen all around the forums. Though, I'm usually in one of a handful of bookmarked threads, or perusing around the WG&O subforum of the GD. I've nearly given up with posting everywhere else, but I'll still be seen around from time to time.

A few months back, I used to visit a number of other forums, primarily Vampire Rave. But, as time went on, I abandoned VR for Gaia, as I usually do.

I enjoy gaming. All types of it. Anything from old school arcades, to new age consoles; it's all in my spectrum. There's very little about that branch of entertainment that doesn't give me my fix for fun.

Occansionally, I enjoy a good reading session, though it has been a while since one of those came across. Through my high school days, I used to be an avid reader of Robert Jordan's book series, The Wheel of Time. But, once I reached the seventh book, it lost my interest.

I also watch a lot of television - which is where I get a lot of my knowledge - and movies. I hover around the History Channel, occasionally going to Discovery, or Cartoon Network. But, the HC is where I like to stay. I've learned a lot more from TV than I have by going to school.

I like to draw, and pride myself on being a bad artist. Yes, I know I'm knocking myself here. I don't care. My art is my own, and I can't do anything other than get better at it. So, for the time being, it sucks.

Music! I love music! I'm biased against rap, though. Honestly, I don't think rap to be music at all, but if you want to get on a one-on-one discussion about that, message me. It's my opinion, and I've a right to it. Every genre of music, I enjoy. Some more than others, but I'll give everything a chance, or two. I'm really into Techno/Trance (Tiësto, Paul van Dyk), Gothic (Projekt record label), and a lot of Rock - primarily the Trustkill record label. This is just a few, if you can't tell. My library isn't just these few artists. These are just the ones that are at the front of my mind.

I try to be as articulate as possible. Chat speak doesn't fly well with me. So, talking to me in single letters. . . I'm probably not going to understand what it is you're trying to convey. Languages were made for a reason - and chat speak doesn't count as one of them.

I can't really think of anything else to say. . . Oh, yes. Gaia stuff.

Even though my join date doesn't agree with what I'm about to put down here, I have been around since 2003. So, pretty much, I've got a bit of time under my belt. And, along with that, I get a lot of people asking for stuff. Here's a tip: don't ask me for donations or help on your quest. I don't take kindly to them.

With that said, don't think I'm a selfish b*****d either. I give freely to people I feel deserve contributions. I give birthday presents, hefty donations to close friends, and - rarely - random donations to people around the forums. I give as I wish.

I'm appreciative of random messages. They tickle me, in a kind of amusing/happy way. I respond to all of them, unless they fall into the "Asking for donations" pile. So, if you want to talk, drop me a message. I'll talk to you as long as you want.

Random friend requests - not appreciative of. I don't see the point in trying to get some random Joe to be your new best buddy. In my mind, it just doesn't work. If you want to send me a request, talk to me about it. I accept most of them, but only after chatting with the person.

*ponders* I think that's all that the whole forum should know about me. Anything else is message exclusive. I could post up an image, but I'm camera shy. smilies/icon_redface.gif

Sigh. . . I was going to post something more here. It was a sudden idea that entered my mind, but left as soon as I got to editing here. Meh, I've got a few more things that I could add, I guess.

I like comments. Not necessarily profile comments. I enjoy journal comments, as well - probably moreso. I don't really get into the comment for a comment, thing. But, I like to leave a random "Hello!" every now and then.

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Suzerain of All

Peek a Buu

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Peek a Buu

cool avi
bright my little bluesboy

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bright my little bluesboy

Pretty positive I can make you reconsider rap being music even if you don't like the genre.
Suzerain of All

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Suzerain of All

*free hug*

It's been a while.

Drop me a line next time your on.


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Yes, I will miss you tomorrow.

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I like you and your wretchedly long profile. : 3

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*cough*salem sucks. *cough*
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Subtle Sins

long time no talk. *nuzzles*
Subtle Sins

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Subtle Sins

*huggles* ^_^


I support the Free Hugs Campaign.

And, I am the jive turkey. *hang loose gesture*

I enjoy journal comments. Leave me comments!