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My name is Scribby, and I've been around here since 2004. Formerly a GD regular, I migrated to LD after the great chatterbox flood of 20XX. While on LD I like to pretend I'm like Dan Savage, but straighter with more fondness for boobs.

I'm 30 and from sunny Southern California and I boss people around for a living. I have a major passion for the studies of societies, and cultures; and I hope to someday be a positive force for spreading and embracing cultural diversity through culture, music, and especially food.

I am a little bit hedonistic and fiery. If something is worth doing it's worth doing with all the passion you have: laughter, love, faith, music, food, and sex. You only have one shot for this life, so best to make it worth it.

Thank you to whomever sent me that lovely gift you mysterious benefector you. emotion_smilies/icon_awesomeface.gif

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Vehicular Cancer Report | 07/27/2015 5:27 am
Vehicular Cancer
I know, right! We got back from a beach vacation yesterday. SO much fun! How has your past month been? biggrin
Vehicular Cancer Report | 07/23/2015 5:51 am
Vehicular Cancer
Have I really not talked to you in a month?!
Vehicular Cancer Report | 06/25/2015 5:51 pm
Vehicular Cancer
Vehicular Cancer Report | 06/25/2015 10:43 am
Vehicular Cancer
I'm gonna leave you, woman.
Bye, bye.
You're no good for me
I'm not good for you.
Vehicular Cancer Report | 06/18/2015 4:55 am
Vehicular Cancer
OH GOD I KNOW! I stopped playing WoW several months ago. (Guild fell apart, hated this expansion, loved the world though and treasure hunting.) Picked up Heroes of the Storm, do you play? Would you like to .... exchange battletags? emo (Not that I really play HotS anymore, haha. Every once in a while I play, but it's fun... if you can put up with all the QQ's)
Vehicular Cancer Report | 06/16/2015 11:32 am
Vehicular Cancer
Oh, man. I come and go like the tide with this website. Haha. I keep getting sucked into MMOs and DOTAs. I lose interest with something else and come back. I'm sure I'll lose interest here soon again. stressed
Do you experience that?
Vehicular Cancer Report | 06/16/2015 9:44 am
Vehicular Cancer
I've noticed you around FOR YEARS! From one 04 Gaian to another, hello. biggrin
Lucky aka Sir Charms Report | 05/22/2015 6:31 pm
Lucky aka Sir Charms
Tim Horton's is good.
Have you ever had Lucky Charms before?
Lucky aka Sir Charms Report | 05/22/2015 10:30 am
Lucky aka Sir Charms
From your post in the Life Issues forum, I would have guessed you were from Nova Scotia or Ontario.

Needlessly to say, I was shocked to see you are from California.
Avellini Report | 07/04/2014 10:20 pm
I like your avatar