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Birthday: 01/25/1988

Occupation: :: homeless maniac ::

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::for daily pictures/reports/stories/poetry and everything else that scrambles in my mind - visit my fotolog page::
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:short description:
Name: Dace a.k.a -kumori-
Birth date: 1988.01.25
Blood Type: A(I)
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Height: 1.67m
Liked food: pancakes with ice cream!!
Disliked food: pig meat ~
Favorite games: Mortal Combat & almost all RPG games
Favorite place: Anywhere I can see red sky in the evening..
Disliked place: home.
Subject you were skilled at: German & Music
Subject you were poor at: History, Chemistry
What type of boy do you like: who got a touch of originality
Disliked type of boy: *tuc tuc* boys, urlas, skins
Favorite flower: Lilly
Favorite vehicle: feet xD
Disliked vehicle: trams
Favorite color: gray & violet
Disliked Color: green
Person you respect: every.one, who respect me.
Words you are glad to hear from a person: kawaii!!
Self-habit you have: I am talking in to many languages at the same time..
Habit about others you don't care for: Talking nonsense
Musician (talent, idol) you admired as a child: The bands Queen & ABBA xP
Childhood dream: Dreams are illusions.. So, I wanted to be a singer...
Your present mental age: 15, I got heavy stuck ..
What country would you like to go to: Germany, Japan, Korea & Chile
Favorite television program: taff
Dream you've recently had: *insert contents 18 (and above) *
Favorite number: 13 & 25
Favorite drink: water biggrin
Disliked drink: beer, wine, rum, brandy
Favorite accessory: piercings ^^
Recent fashion: oshare kei with a mix of decora
As a person, what do you lack: discipline
Favorite animal: killer whale
Disliked animal: rat
How do you spend your days off: watching TV,listening to music, chatting and studying for university
Word that you like: hai, hai..
Favorite movie: NANA!!!! ^.^ & horror movies
What's on your cellphone screen: Teukie from SuJu
Your ringtone: Super Junior - Haenbok
Do you believe in fortune telling: yup yup ^.^ I love magical things..
Person you want to see most right now: my angel.
Recently have you cried over something: my own bussiness.
What do you buy when you go to the convenience store: pudding!!!!!!!!!
Favorite scent: strawberry and choco
How many close friends and people to go out with do you have: more than 10
Do you think guys and girls can be just friends: yes, if not, then I have way too many guys as friends..
What color is love: pink, I guess..
Do you get enough sleep: pr0bably "yes" or "no"
First thing you do when you get up in the morning: turn VIVA on ~
If you were to go to a deserted island, what would you bring: mp3 player
Are you the type of person easily attracted to someone at first sight: not really, but I'm trying ^^
First thing you notice about a boy: hair!! and then maybe face..
Are you the type to trust people easily: I don't even trust myself
Something you always carry: my lovely piercings!
Animal you would compare yourself to: KITTY!!!!!!
Do you have a good memory: Oh yes!... ... ... what was I doin'? neutral
Do you think of yourself as a romantic: HELL NO!
Comparing your past self to your present self, you've matured in what aspect: my sarcasm can now hurt people..
Most recent top news: I'm not cool o.o
If you could change being born, would you want to be a boy or a girl: none.. I want to be born as a bird and fly away from you crazy people..
Tell us one secret: If want secrets, ask my friends, they know every secret.
Rate yourself: ~0.00000000000001 - That means.. AVERAGE!

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[ .sankyuu.to.
steph.cheryl.and.hyejung: SJ*Full House. ]

~God don't exist, Life does not exist, we don't exist... This is just a big illusion!!~
~There always will be someone who wants to destroy your luck, but you always stand up again.. What for?~


..I write poetry to express what I am feeling almost every day... Maybe I don't have the talent or my poems are not good enough, but at least writing helps.

:current wishes:
get my dream job [ this is nuts! ].
live somewhere else than Letonia.
get pass this university crap.

: obsessions:
music - my life.
poetry - a childhood dream.
languages - crazy girl? that's my profession, baka.

~ Proud -miyavi- Fan and Community Member ~
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:answers from a test:
Fun to be with - Loves to try new things - Boys LOVE you - Secretive - Difficult to fathom and to be understood - Quiet unless excited or tensed - Takes pride in oneself - Easily consoled - Honest - Concerned about people's feelings - Tactful - Friendly - Approachable - Emotional emperamental and unpredictable - Moody and easily hurt - Witty and sparkly - Spazzy at times - Not revengeful - Forgiving but never forgets - Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things - Guides others physically and mentally - Sensitive and forms impressions carefully - Caring and loving - Treats others equally - Strong sense of sympathy - Wary and sharp - Judges people through servations - Hardworking - No difficulties in studying - Loves to be alone - Always broods about the past and the old friends - Waits for friends - Never looks for friends - Not aggressive unless provoked - Loves to be loved -

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KieraaLC Report | 07/31/2015 5:13 pm
KieraaLC Report | 07/30/2015 9:47 am
You know recently they had an Instant 90 tool, I was gonna use it on HT but I figured you didn't play anymore ^^;; otherwise tots would of XD sweatdrop
KieraaLC Report | 04/03/2015 4:02 pm
KUMO <3!
KieraaLC Report | 03/20/2015 1:32 pm
*Pokes to see if is alive*
MoMo o v o Report | 02/18/2014 10:03 pm
MoMo o v o
Can I have your tears of blood for 10mil please? I really needed it>< please reply..
KieraaLC Report | 07/29/2013 7:00 am
Well sweatdrop I'm gonna be perma banned from all PWE games

Good-Luck, Love you carebear.
I gave it all up and now I'll always be perma banned.

You'll always be my carebear though ._.;;;

It was good hanging out with you while I did when I did

Best luck/best wishes, I love you and your forever in my heart as the carebear of heavens tear

even though I'll never see you in game again...
KieraaLC Report | 07/18/2013 7:46 pm
Hey you carebear :>

You'll be happy to know
I play Forsaken World now
and guess what .............
I play in a PVE server, lol can't be helped
it's what's her face's fault razz from the PW group
she was a heavy armored venomancer, I forget her name

Anyhow I spammed your core connect :> hope to hear something
back from you sometime, sense it has been far too long
my carebear friend :>
xXfifimewmewXx Report | 06/13/2013 5:17 am
tenkiu 4 buying! heart
KieraaLC Report | 03/21/2013 10:20 pm
Omfg your avatar reminds me of the mother from the "Mama" horror movie
XD I was like o.O whaaatttt XD
KieraaLC Report | 03/04/2013 11:52 pm
So liek, I thought about playing on Heavens Tear a time or two; actually playing for real hehe but I don't want to be a super newb :s
and It's not like I can PLv myself sense my 102 assassin isn't on HT lol so not sure if I wanna level grind :s

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I'm the sister of a wonder of a piece of pie..

[ :in loving memory of Bou: ]

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