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Gender: Female

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

Birthday: 07/09

Occupation: College Student


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Things you should know about me.

Gender and Pronouns: I go by they/them/theirs pronouns, more formally known as gender neutral pronouns. I'm Pangender. If you'd like to know more hit me up.
Age: 18
Background: I am a mix, a mutt so to speak. But color wise I am quite pale.
Hair: Brown naturally, purple currently
Eyes: Brown naturally
Weight: I don't know nor do I care.
Interested in: Everyone, I'm Demisexual and again if you'd like to know more please send me a message and I will kindly explain.
Favorite color: Purple.
Hated colors: I hate at least one shade of every color.
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Dancing, Drawing, Roller Skating, Skate Boarding, Swimming, and Singing.
Currently:Graduated, heading my a** to college.

P.S. I love to RP so please send a message my way!