The Name Is Dimitrius

I'm Searching For....
- Love from a male (So yes i'm Gay)
- Food
- Clarity
- Inner Mortality

I Guess My interests Are
. Acting/ Theatre performance
.Music (Evanescence, Beyonce, Nightcore.)
.Tumblr, Facebook, youtube
.I Guess Hanging out with other people even though I don't mix well with them....
I also write Fanfics and my own stuff.
I Also Draw A little...

I Guess I should mention about myself....I have Two Sides in a Weird Alliance The Gentle side of me who's Sweet, and Nice my Dark side who's ready to protect my sweet side at any cost, I kinda Grew up in a Small town in New Zealand and I guess my life has been kinda boring. I kinda have Issues with Society and hanging around with people, what can I say these mortals bore me.. well most of the time...I have morals which leads me to dislike doing most thing a normal teenager in this generation does, I prefer being in my own company most of the time and I can let my dark side take control and....it doesn't end well, all to save a already broken heart I guess...the Sweet side of me I do show to a certain Extent....

When I'm By myself I tend to be lost in my own thoughts, the music in my headphones guide me into my own Reality, A good Escape for me...having troubles in school, being a Senior is difficult i'm not Academically fit as most children and....idk...makes me feel certain things....but I Dare to dream big its one Specialty that bittersweet im a Dream who doesn't know what to do with his life...my Dreams and Desires are a little beyond my reach, Romance happens to be one and I gotta say, I feel like it will never come to pass and I don't Hope for it. I just don't believe in my Happy ending....

But as time goes on, I slowly Gain my much needed Clarity and live my life as it is boring and Repetitive, I Dream that Everything will go my way or close to it someday the guy of my dreams will come and sweep me off my feet! im slowly maturing and growing into my own person and I know that im strong, independent young man, who will succeed at his own pace and one day will stop stressing about the intimidating future and Haunting past. I will focus and the present which leads to a future, that wont make me stressed and Worry.


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i am pretty awesome too^^ thank you for asking whee

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how are you? whee

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hiya 3nodding

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hahahah yeah~ and how are you? :3

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Omg hello!! sorry for taking forever! omg how've you been? it's been thousands of years since we last talked ;_; how are you?

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hehe that was nice of you emotion_kirakira

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you're still active on Gaia?
Sugar Burnt

Report | 04/28/2013 4:09 pm

Sugar Burnt

It not expensive stuff though mostly around 75 to 200 gold.
Sugar Burnt

Report | 04/28/2013 3:58 pm

Sugar Burnt

I can give you some stuff from my inventory to sell though
Sugar Burnt

Report | 04/28/2013 3:55 pm

Sugar Burnt

Ah..I don't. That's all out of my price range.
Maybe once I sell some stuff mrgreen


....Xx Truth is there's nothing special about me Xx....