semi hiatus
i just come on to sell things and respond to pms
i don't check mygaia anymore
so if you wanna talk pm me.
my skype is thistopsecret

The song you paused is:
'Fancy' - Iggy Azalea

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This is here as a reminder for me and Andrew O 3 O;;
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"I'm the happiest i've ever been having met you. You are the brightest star in my night sky and the sun to day <3 I'm glad we've got each other forever and always. I love you so much Little!" - Andrew

Movies We are currently Watching --
Jurassic Park | Film #2 of #3
We are on a horror film craze omg ; n ;

Anime We are Current Watching --
Fruits Basket | Episode #17 | 26
Darker Than Black | Episode #30 | 42
Legend of Korra | Episode # 13 | 31

Games We are Currently Playing --
Cooking Mama 3
Pokemon Black & White 2
Pokemon x & y
Super Scribblenauts
Crafting Mama
Gardening Mama
Dragon Quest IX


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I don't know why I didn't think of it before.
But what better way to finish off the word "love"
other than expressing my love for
the one person that totally completes me?
Andrew is my everything, he taught me I could love again.
That I'm allowed to have better than what I've received.
He is nothing short of my prince charming and just the thought of him overcomes my heart with warmth.
He is there when I need him and always rushes to my rescue.
He can make me laugh, and smile, just by laughing and smiling.
His smile is worth 1,000 words. And his laugh is my favourite song.
He's got me spoiled rotten, and if it were up to him I probably wouldn't have to walk on the ground.
He makes me feel special and wanted.
He's so amazing I almost wish I wanted to share him with everyone else. But he's all mine


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I'm named Little.
I have 2 dogs and a cat
I'm very much in love
I'm stupid and a crybaby
I love films and manga.