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Birthday: 02/11

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Hello. . .
My current name is Tony. I'm currently 20 years old
and my birthday is on February 11th. I've recently come out as a transgender-female; I was born as a guy but desire to become a woman.

I enjoy talking to people, but hate being the first one to say
something >.<"
However, once I start talking its really hard to get me to shut
up x3

I aim to become a freelance graphic artist and tattoo artist.
My plans after that are to open my own parlor and live out
my retirement renting space for new rising artists and maybe

My interests range from hiking and running, to sitting on my
a** and playing video games or doing some form of art.
I'm a huge okatu; meaning I have a burning passion for
anime and japanese culture a like. As for music, I love
deathcore and hip-hop the most but I'm a fan of all genres.

This is my bucket list:
Become a woman
Hike/Walk the trail to middle earth in the Netherlands
Visit Europe and Japan on my own
Reach Diamond in League of Legends
Create/Join/Run a successful guild in WoW
Tattoo my whole body (minus genitals and my head/face)
Give voice acting a try
Graduate from my current college and then move out from my home to another college
to earn my major in Graphic Arts and a minor in business
Create an album with a band (be a lead vocalist)

Random facts about me... hmm... my favorite anime
is Gurren Lagann and Kill la Kill. My favorite band/artist is
the Acacia Strain and Aesop Rock. And lastly,
I absolutely love foxes and owls x3

I draw my own tattoos and bring it to my favorite artist to stab it on me:

1st Tattoo


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I've Got Troubles on My Mind

Despite the title, this is just an online journal describing my struggles as a young, college-art student.


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Dark Time Sunshine - "Take My Hand"

Meshuggah - Demiurge

Aesop Rock - "None Shall Pass"