Injured Angel

This is nella, she is one of my best friends together we are
crazy and fun and weird and insane. We laugh fight make up
and over all enjoy hanging together. Though like sisters we
are cousins. We have been through tough times together
and apart but our bonds hold stronger than any metal. I
treasure her like a little sister love her like a daughter but
give her freedom like a friend.

My names Steph if you ever see me at hollywood alone

than i was with nella first but she left. I love art, writting, reading and currently want nothing
more than to go to a bonfire. I love the smell of fire. I love fixing my nails and dressing up
when i have no reason but i also love hoodies. I consider myself a tomboy girly-girl nerd; i
love being girly dressing up looking pretty and getting complements but i also love playing
sports getting tired from trying my hardest at games or kickball but i also love video games
and chilling being a loner. I consider myself weird because what category do i fit in
prep/nerd/sports/other? i don't know i gave up trying to figure that out a long time ago. So
there now you know congratz



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