This is what makes us girls.
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I'm K8.
Engaged. smilies/icon_wink.gif


"what are you going to do with your v****a now that you're on birth control"

"rub it"

"with what?"

"my fingers"

bahahahaha i laugh every time.


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We don't stick together
cause we put love first.


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Report | 04/16/2014 10:08 pm


Yeah idk I was expecting better of it- like, three of my teachers from hs graduated from there so I was all hyped up when I signed up. &Yeah Jake and I both work at adventure island haha
Other than that I knew that his GI bill wouldn't cover me even when I was a kid- it covered him but not his children/wife which kind of blows but I guess that's just the way that they arrange it so they're not just handing out money constantly lol

Report | 04/13/2014 11:50 pm


Naw He retired a few years back and the GI bill only covers him- not me lol But yeah I left Weslyan and started at TCC and Weslyan was basically just like 'Fine ******** you here's your bill have fun paying that off". Other than that I'm working like constantly down here. It's pretty nice working around Jake though- no one ******** with me rofl

Report | 04/13/2014 12:26 am


ahhh that sounds beautiful @@ I'm sure it's going to be a great wedding <3
&yeah they actually were really shitty about transferring even my credits to tcc when i told them i wanted to xfer. Took me like a week for them to even respond to the fact that I wanted to leave then dropped the bomb on me that they were just going to straight up charge me for the classes. But it's getting sorted out (kind of) and I should be fine for now :>
Where are you taking classes right now?

Report | 04/07/2014 6:30 pm


Adventure Island haha School's been put on hold because I'm a big pissbaby and Weslyan left me with only 4 semesters and 10k in debt lol
We're doing pretty well just trying to get settled in some way but it's hella hard ughhhHHH
When/where's the wedding and what's the theme/colors/everything I must know @@

Report | 03/19/2014 9:55 pm


I'm okayyyy I just got a job working at a theme park bro
how are you and your honey ?

Report | 03/16/2014 2:14 pm


yes we did honey bee <3 i miss you so much tho ;_;
This Indian

Report | 03/12/2014 9:21 pm

This Indian

idk y im here.

but i love you so much, thank you for being there my love

Report | 03/11/2014 7:53 pm


bby kait love me pls
C r e a m y P a s t r y

Report | 02/20/2014 7:53 pm

C r e a m y P a s t r y

Probably. That's something I'd have to talk to Jess about just because we do have plans for us in the near future. We'll figure it out as it comes along.

I know what you mean. Just started school and I already feel like I'm being suffocated in work. lol

I will! emotion_dowant It'd be nice to have old faces back.

C r e a m y P a s t r y

Report | 02/20/2014 7:16 pm

C r e a m y P a s t r y

If all goes well with school I graduate at the end of November next year. So close yet so far.
But it's definitely my plan to go back to the States once I'm done. We'll see what happens!

Gurl I'm always on. Monday - Thursday I'm pretty idle on here but come Thursday evening I'm online. 3nodding

Thank you. emotion_bigheart I hope to see you in LVCR every once in a while if you get the chance!