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Commons I want:


Butterfly Scouts Beret
Sprout Scouts Beret
Rosey Scouts Beret
Acorn Scouts Beret
Sunny Scouts Beret
Orange Gardening Bandana
Purple Gardening Bandana
Green Gardening Bandana
Red Gardening Bandana
Plumeria Twin Ribbons
Rose Twin Ribbons
Pansy Twin Ribbons
Daisy Twin Ribbons
Black Neo-City Gloves
Purple Neo-City Gloves
Blue Neo-City Gloves
Orange Neo-City Gloves
Pink Retro Astro Skirt
Blue Retro Astro Skirt
Purple Retro Astro Skirt
Orange Retro Astro Skirt
Orange & Blue Retro Astro Stockings
Blue & Purple Retro Astro Stockings
Pink & Orange Retro Astro Stockings
Purple & Pink Retro Astro Stockings
Red Dotted Stockings
Blue Dotted Stockings
Green Dotted Stockings
Purple Dotted Stockings
Black Dotted Stockings
Red Checkered Stockings
Blue Checkered Stockings
Green Checkered Stockings
Purple Checkered Stockings
Black Checkered Stockings
Red Zigzag Stockings
Blue Zigzag Stockings
Green Zigzag Stockings
Purple Zigzag Stockings
Black Zigzag Stockings
White Suspenders
Red Suspenders
Blue Suspenders
Purple Suspenders
Meido Ruffled Mint Headband
Meido Ruffled Powder Blue Headband
Meido Ruffled Lemon Headband
Jade Elven Leaf Earrings
Silver Elven Leaf Earrings
Gold Elven Leaf Earrings
Bronze Elven Leaf Earrings
Gold Garnet Lakshmi Earrings
Silver Garnet Lakshmi Earrings
Gold Sapphire Lakshmi Earrings
Silver Sapphire Lakshmi Earrings
Gold Ruby Lakshmi Earrings
Silver Ruby Lakshmi Earrings
Big Blue Bow
Big Black Bow
Big Magenta Bow
Big White Bow
Electric Popstar Leggings
Lipstick Popstar Leggings
Blacklight Popstar Leggings
Limelight Popstar Leggings
White Polka Dot Skirt
Pink Polka Dot Skirt
Blue Polka Dot Skirt
Vintage Black Stepford Dress
Vintage Pink Stepford Dress
Vintage Yellow Stepford Dress
Vintage Blue Stepford Dress
Vintage White Stepford Dress
Black Academy Tie
Green Academy Tie
Blue Academy Tie
Red Academy Tie
Yellow Academy Tie
Green Serafuku Bow
Orange Serafuku Bow
Red Serafuku Bow
Pink Serafuku Bow
Blue Serafuku Bow
Black Serafuku Bow
Navy Serafuku Bow
Brown Serafuku Bow
White Serafuku Bow
Orange Kawaii Hair Bow
White Kawaii Hair Bow
Red Kawaii Hair Bow
Soft Blue Kawaii Hair Bow
Soft Pink Kawaii Hair Bow
Black Kawaii Hair Bow
Red Decora Dress Shoes
Soft Blue Decora Dress Shoes
Black Decora Dress Shoes
Pink Serafuku Skirt
Orange Serafuku Skirt
Black Serafuku Skirt
Green Serafuku Skirt
Navy Serafuku Skirt
Blue Serafuku Skirt
Red Serafuku Skirt
Red Plaid Academy Skirt
Green Plaid Academy Skirt
Black Plaid Academy Skirt
Brown Plaid Academy Skirt
Blue Plaid Academy Skirt
Blue Leg Warmers
Cream Leg Warmers
Green Leg Warmers
Pink Leg Warmers
Mint Leg Warmers
White Leg Warmers
Black Leg Warmers
Brown Leg Warmers
Red Leg Warmers
Baby Blue Bao
Mint Bao
Pink Bao
Gold Bao
Red Bao
Black Bao
Teal Serafuku Bow
Light Blue Serafuku Bow
Yellow Serafuku Bow
Purple Serafuku Bow
Purple Serafuku Skirt
Teal Serafuku Skirt
Yellow Serafuku Skirt
Light Blue Serafuku Skirt
Cream Honeymoon Panties
Blue Honeymoon Panties
Red Honeymoon Panties
White Honeymoon Panties
Pink Honeymoon Panties
Teal Honeymoon Panties
Black Honeymoon Panties
Black Honeymoon Bra
Blue Honeymoon Bra
Red Honeymoon Bra
White Honeymoon Bra
Teal Honeymoon Bra
Cream Honeymoon Bra
Pink Honeymoon Bra
Red Honeymoon Camisole
White Honeymoon Camisole
Pink Honeymoon Camisole
Black Honeymoon Camisole
Teal Honeymoon Camisole
Blue Honeymoon Camisole
Cream Honeymoon Camisole
Banana Boxers
Hearts Boxers
Fiery Boxers
Little Skulls Boxers
Starry Boxers
Pearl Earrings
Pearl Necklace
Orange Holographic Eyepiece
Yellow Holographic Eyepiece
White Holographic Eyepiece
Green Holographic Eyepiece
Blue Holographic Eyepiece
Purple Holographic Eyepiece
Black Holographic Eyepiece
Berry Sugarplum Puff Sleeves
Red Heart Droop Chain Belt
Yellow Heart Droop Chain Belt
Black Heart Droop Chain Belt
Green Heart Droop Chain Belt
Navy Newsboy Cap
Plum Newsboy Cap
Rose Newsboy Cap
White Sweetheart Stockings
Purple Sweetheart Stockings
Blue Sweetheart Stockings
Red Sweetheart Stockings
Black Sweetheart Stockings
Meido Ruffled Red Headband
Meido Ruffled Black Headband
Meido Ruffled White Headband
Meido Ruffled Pink Headband
Meido Ruffled Blue Headband
Meido Ruffled Mocha Headband
Spring Sakura Blossom Hairpin
Orange Blossom Hairpin
Apple Blossom Hairpin
Oak Leaf Hairpin
Maple Leaf Hairpin
Birch Leaf Hairpin
Cutie Pinwheel Hairpin
Citron Pinwheel Hairpin
Shadow Pinwheel Hairpin
Wing Scout Sneakers
Blue Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf
Red Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf
Purple Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf
Orange Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf
Black Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf
White Fashionable Dotted Head Scarf
Baby Blossoming Headband
Flashy Blossoming Headband
Dark Blossoming Headband
Girly Blossoming Headband
Garden Blossoming Headband
Bold Blossoming Headband
Porcelina Pink Lacy Gloves
Porcelina Blue Lacy Gloves
Porcelina Cream Lacy Gloves
Porcelina Mint Lacy Gloves
Porcelina Black Lacy Gloves
Porcelina White Lacy Gloves
Porcelina Soft White Beret
Porcelina Soft Pink Beret
Porcelina Soft Blue Beret
Porcelina Soft Cream Beret
Porcelina Soft Mint Beret
Egyptian Silver Armlet
Egyptian Silver Armlet
Egyptian Silver Bracelet
Egyptian Silver Bracelet
Egyptian Silver Anklet (right)
Egyptian Silver Anklet (right)
Red Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings
Blue Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings
Green Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings
Purple Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings
Black Raggedy Doll Striped Stockings
Red Lowtoppies
Black Lowtoppies
White Lowtoppies


Hey, I'm Infinite Secrets, formerly known as DarKestxAngeL. I want to buy your stuff. D< I do art and many other things. Just ask.

I don't know what else to put. In regards to questing, I do have a spiffy quest thread, but I also want some of the newer commons because I was on hiatus for awhile and when I came back, Gaia put lots of new pretty commons in the shops ><

This is my store if you want to buy something!

Comment now.



Visit my Quest thread please! emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif


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haaaar Report | 03/15/2014 2:32 am
That's true, some can be jerks.
haaaar Report | 03/15/2014 2:00 am
You can take things slow. 8D
haaaar Report | 03/15/2014 1:46 am

You're doing fine actually.
Try reseting him for like 3 times while toggling alot. It works well, atleast, for me.
haaaar Report | 03/14/2014 9:18 pm
You're too kind for a tank.
RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 03/14/2014 4:18 pm
Arigato for buying my goods there's more in store LITERALLY desu~! ^0^
Tuskle Report | 03/11/2014 5:35 pm
thanks for the purchase emotion_c8
Lamia Lavellan Report | 03/08/2014 1:59 pm
Tnx for the purchase
marigold242 Report | 02/18/2014 1:46 pm
Wow, you bought that fast. Thanks for buying from me!
Joyroxsox Report | 02/08/2014 8:56 am
lol bought something from you and just wanted to say that i really like ur avi!
The Golden Boleyn Report | 01/29/2014 10:59 am
Your avatar is lovely!

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