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    so i got a new profile! made by naranimous, it's awesome. so i hate about me's. idk why, but in real life it's impossible to share
    every single thing about yourself to another person. i've been on gaia
    since 'O9. bleh, but i'm not one of them oldies. I think. xC btw, i'm a brunette. i hate the unknown, the idea of not knowing what is going to happen. i hate the paranormal, because it scares the living crap out of me. but zombies are okay, kinda. but it's okay to live life with a bit of fear, isn't it? i love adrenaline rushes, vampires, hyosung, yongguk, rap monster, crab rangoons, and a bunch of other stuff. i like roleplaying. pisces, march 15. and i am obsessed with nachos and astrology. I believe in stuff and a bunch of other stuff. lol, and you took the time to read all of this?


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hayo, i'm nipplenichole.
I love poetry and booty. I mean, I think I do. /:
shiiitttt, idefk.
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