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Words yup

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Words cannot describe how ******** up I am, however, as the purpose of an About Me section, I'll try my best.
My true name is none of your concern.
I'm 14, 5'7", and a Chinese betch.
This might be my face.
Sarcastic and an a*****e. I just discovered this personality after people (well, the whole world) started pissing me off.
Talk to me and maybe I'll be nice.
I'm nice to people I like.
Do not ask me for donations, I donate to whoever I want. Stop bugging me or I'll ignore you.
Don't random friend me either. Unless I know you and met you before.
Good crews in z!, art, One Ok Rock, Exo, Super Junior, Evanescence, Paramore, Cryaotic, Pewdiepie, RWBY, DMMD, SAO, KagePro, scythes, and food makes me happy.
I draw crap art like the huge a** thing you're seeing. No, I won't draw you unless you pay me, I draw who I like.
I lurk Bill's in zOMG! most of the time. Dms is my thing, I DPS all the s**t and tank YM. Hit me up if you want me in your crew.
I have Skype and Kik, ask me for them because I'm sick of super random adds.
Senpai notice me.
I can't believe you're still reading this.
God bless you if you're still reading this.


Nia xD
Curry Spice
Plz Stahp
The Cryene