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I'm Infer.
I'm a douche, but I try not to bite.
I make my own shitty profiles and backgrounds.
I draw.
I sing.
I'm some Asian.
I'm usually that random person from that zOMG! crew or that Skype chat.
I live yolo.
I change my profile song a lot. Current one: "Demons" ~the Nightcore cover of the Sam Tsui and Max Schneider cover.
I'll forever love, well, a whole lot of my friends (though I have an intimate relationship with Cashmina). Thanks for sticking with me <3.
I play Puzzle and Dragons more often than I should. Add me; ID: 312,432,319
Migrated to Elsword for the time being ever. Wanna play with me? Ask for my IGN.
Semi hiatus due to high school. Not really, just less active.
Anything else you want to know, just ask.

This artsu by Little Meng is so ******** adorable I love it so much: [x]
Oh, and some neat screenies, because why the hell not: [x] ; [x] ; [x]


Nia xD
Mocha Huehue
Ben thefatcat
Liz o3o

These guys are the best friends I can have in this world. Thanks for everything <3.