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Fact: Did you know that if you stretched a person's intestines all the way in a single line, that person would die?

I wonder if people look at profiles anymore. In fact, really, do they. I could ramble on about how I'm actually an alien from the Planet Snart and nobody would even know. Nobody.

If you are reading this, good, welcome, take a seat and grab a beer or coffee. Maybe both. Right now I live in Iowa attending Bellevue University for a Bachelor's in communication, living it day by day, wondering what adventures are yet to be discovered. For most of my life I lived in California, and for five years I lived in Arizona. I was always the short kid in class, waiting to be a strong, tall man one day. Oh yes, I am indeed a short 5'6" b*****d though, mess with me and you'll be sure to miss your ankles real fast. In the meantime though, mind passing me the sugar on the top shelf?

Hmm, let's see. I enjoy learning to play bass guitar, one of my newest hobbies. Seriously, bass guitar, [******** amazing. I love the fact that the instrument is easy to pick up upon, and is great to play along with rhythms. I have a basic electric bass, but I want to save for an acoustic bass; that s**t sounds so great when you got both an acoustic guitar and bass playing (plus it can stand off better too than an electric).

I used to write a lot of stories, hence the journal. The book series my brother and I was supposed to be around 10 or so books, but the way life carried us it may not work in our favor. Does it to most anyways? That being said, I am a hopeless romantic waiting for the day I can call some girl up, saying "hey, lets go to the beach (or some s**t, I love the beach)". I want to be able to spoil her but also keep a healthy relationship of loyalty, respect, dedication, and romance through the days of fire and the bitter cold losses.

I joined gaia awhile back, when grinding Zomg was a thing, when reaching 100,000 gold brought you into the cool kids club, and when everything wasn't so damn inflated. Now, all the cool older things have s**t value, and its pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure some people are still cool on here (probably you too for getting this far), but shits so cancerous now. The internet isn't as fun as it used to be, where just kicking back and being mature was so damn chill.

Now, I practically play video games for the most part, but i still look for friends and work opportunity meanwhile. Cheers for getting this far, show 'em whose ********' boss!


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Time of Tales

I'll pretty much talk about random crap. Maybe school, life, events, or about what I had for lunch yesterday. I don't know, depends on how I feel.


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tengoboots Report | 02/24/2017 6:58 am
Cool music on your profile.
Queen_KOKO Report | 01/08/2017 3:39 pm
ahha chill nation too xd but trap nation is the bomb heart
alright biggrin same goes to you 3nodding
Queen_KOKO Report | 01/08/2017 9:38 am
hahaha best during study xd
Trapcity, Hippie Sabotag, Avicii, Trap Nation, Chainsmokers ... lots more xp
Queen_KOKO Report | 01/08/2017 9:14 am
ah ha xd i usually often change the song but i just addicted to kygo's remix whee kind of relax hahaha
Queen_KOKO Report | 01/08/2017 8:53 am
Thanks for purchase biggrin
EmberFoxHeart Report | 01/06/2017 1:55 pm
added as well XD
19venomsnake Report | 03/21/2014 11:54 am
gaia_angelleft gaia_angelright With Creativity everything is possible exclaim How's it going, yo question exclaim emotion_kirakira gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright
Miss Ryoki Report | 01/02/2014 8:01 pm
Miss Ryoki
Miss Ryoki Report | 01/02/2014 7:51 pm
Miss Ryoki
oh ;ohave uu try bootygrab ? that how earn my gold sometime :T
Miss Ryoki Report | 01/02/2014 7:44 pm
Miss Ryoki
was up ;o



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