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The location of my home is in England. What I love about the location of my home is the rainy weather and the greenery. My best friends consist of Swedish, Brazilian, Polish, Spanish and English people. Some I see in real life and some I have never met in person. I dream of impossible, wonderful and magical things. I love rivers, lakes, streams, waterfalls, the sea's and ocean.
If I could have one wish I would wish for a ship and crew and sail the sea's all my days. Music is the love of my life it makes me feel connected to the world even in my darkest moments.

Thank you list:
Death of Cobain, David McWane
purrfectly yours, N i c e T r i p
thatpandabitca, BridgetteLondon
Ninja kelpie , Hells_LStrother
Perfect Blue Dot, July 3rd

And a big thank you to, faQyew.

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