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About me.
I come from Sheffield, England.
I love Science, Facts and History.
I study Forensic Science and University.
I spend a lot of time reading Kathy Reichs books.
Her books actually got me into my favorite T.V show Bones.
My favorite current artist in the music charts is Florence and the Machine.
Oh and my user name is not because I'm a fan of the band Imagine Dragons.
Though I do like some of there songs..It's actually just coincidence that I'm named after a band.

Thank you list:
Death of Cobain, David McWane
purrfectly yours, N i c e T r i p
thatpandabitca, BridgetteLondon
Ninja kelpie , Hells_LStrother
Perfect Blue Dot, July 3rd

And a big thank you to, faQyew.


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