HelloI'm CharlotteBut you may call me RoseYou may say that I'm...MAD
coolobsessed with cowshahaha years oldfemaleliving in spaingetting bored of writing all of this damn HTML...

Hahahahaha... that got boring after a while... fudge the looking nice bit!!!! my fingers hurt! ^^ Anyway... you will never know how old I am! I could be an old woman for all you know... the birthdate I put in on the sign up page is wrong! smilies/icon_surprised.gif I'm bad. I'm not under 13 though, DW. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif And don't ask me. You pervs. What's the point in knowing someone's real age when you only know them over the internet... saddos! ...I think you get the drift that my name is Charlotte, I'm a girl and I live in Spain. But I'm not spanish. I am also rather demented (in a good way) and "random" as people put. I don't like the nickname "Crazy Charlotte" though, it feels rather derogatory.
I stayed up late last night watching Sadam Hussain's son ranting on the arab channels... and I got a high off watching the chinese economy show... it was mental

*stirs pasta and talks in geordie accent* what's the point in life anyway?

Hmm. I can't write good poetry anymore... :'(
My best stuff is always really depressing and emoish and OMG you broke my heart... And I never have any real cause... Hmmm...
But now I really don't have a cause and it would be considered odd if I started on about 'OMG you broke my heart now I'm gonna stab you" stuff cos I'm kinda in love. But whatever. It's depressing, but not enough to down 500 paracetamols and end my misey sorta thing.
C'est la vie.
I tried writing depressing s**t about that situation the other day. It really didn't work. Like, it was horrifically horrendous what I came up with. Flaming sunshine and rainy day sort of stuff. XD


Feet slapping against the road, shrill voices fading into the darkness, stars drowning in the night sky. The only thing that wasn't running away, was the fog. A lost child ran in ignorance, his cries masked by the mist. Shadows flickered, flames swayed and wolved howled in horror. The last stand stood bravely together, facing the imminent danger. The wind that was screaching aroung everywhere, suddenly died down. The soldiers looked around in confusion, but their heads snapped back to attention as the fog started to divide. They had prepared themselves for monsters. But nothing could have prepared them for what was really there; A little girl, dressed in what once must
have been a white laced night gown, just stood there, completely covered in blood. Some of the soldiers wanted to reach out to and help her, but the look in her eyes made them recoil. Some would have shot her, for the blood was clearly not hers. There was too much of it. And she had no visible wounds. She let out a blood-curdling scream, evil glinting in her eyes. Some soldiers reached for their weapons, but the captain restrained them. She was only a child. The girl took a step forwards, but the soldiers were rooted to the spot, with something more than terror. She raised
out arm to the sky. Lightning flashed and it started to rain heavily. She lifted her other arm and pointed her finger at each and every one of the soldiers. She dragged her other hand slowly from the sky, as if she was pulling a heavy weight. She lifted her head to the sky, and her eyes clouded over, a single crimson tear dragging down her cheek.
She snapped her arms back down to her sides, and everything went still. Even the rain stopped in its tracks. Just hanging there. The air was heavy, hard to breathe in, and was it just static that made the soldiers hairs stand on end? the girl dragged her index finger up her side, and placed her hand over where her heart should be, and with the other, she made a cutting motion in the air. The soldiers suddenly twitched and looked down at their chests. Blood was spilling out. The girl started to wail helplessly as it started to rain again. The water ran away from the girl. Everything did. And everything was covered in blood.

Now that I've found something that doesn't really have a word limit that I've heard of... My hands have developed cerebal paulsy. s**t. Now I know what Ruby and Tilly were referring to when they said I didn't have a brain... They meant it was in my hands... Am I coming across as slightly .... high? Cos I'm not... I watched this film the other say, and there was this guy on acid... accidentaly of course, and he was ****ing (OK I have a really strong urge to swear right now but I can't as I have morals as I don't want to be struck, stricken, strucken.. WHATEVER down dead... wait... that's never stopped me before...) hilarious... he was listening to the beegees coming out of plants and everything was WOOOOOOOOOW and aweomse and it hit me. I was like ::: "****. Now I know why everyone thinks I do MDMA." And just to clear up another doubt that had NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to be clouding up your sullied little non-existant minds... My drug is a class Z. I breathe bomb smoke and get high off it and shoot rockets out of my a**.

I'M JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I have actually inhaled bomb smoke before. I didn't get high. I got seriously depressed and ended up falling for someone I really didn't want to and happens to be two years younger than me (TALK ABOUT IDIOTIC) and I sat on my own mumbling to myself "shitshitshitshshitiishtiii..." I have just figured I should not delve anymore into that topic as the said person will actually find out who he is. Or something like that. My brain (or my oversized mangled inflated kindney that started tumouring inside of my over-sized skull)'s gone into over (or under I don't know, I think I maybe socially and mentally inept and retarded at this precise moment in time... more than the usual and that's ****ing huge) drive and I've forgotten everything I've just rambled in about. Slightly like a gold fish I suppose... Their memories last for about five seconds, and as they swim around their gold gish bowls, they think everything's new, and every five seconds they're like... "oh, that's nice! I've never seen something so beaultiful in my life before!" to the piece of coral it's just swam past for the hundredth time that day. Reminds me of someone I know... no, not me... *AHEM*

Anyway, to be quite frank, I'm tired, and there's a cat on my ceiling telling me to fall for it... and I just told it that I don't fall for guys (I just realised that I made the terrible assumption of thinking that it was a guy... OMG what if it's a lesbo cat???? What if it's not even talking romantically and I'm coming across as a d**k to whom might have became a quite valueable friend to have... and BTW it's not cheshire... it's siamese and it's smoking a bong), that I fly instead. I don't want someone to catch me when I fall, I can deal with my own s**t, cos when people try helping me when they're down I usually end beating the rabbit socks out of them cos they sound like complete jerks... anyway I continue to tell this cat what I want is for someone to meet me "up there" (no not heaven, not cloud nine, however cool that may sound, or over a bloody rainbow... OH AND BY THE WAY DOROTHY'S SHOES WERE ORIGINALLY SILVER!!!!! they just made them Ruby in the film to make the whole thing look extremely glamorous!... I'm talking about getting up on top of a raincloud with someone, to have a right laugh, ride off the thunder and dance in the rain and to hell with the pain... Okay I'm getting to clich├ęd and American on myself... But yeah. OMG I JUST REALISED THE CAT IS ACTUALLY ABOVE ME!!!! IN THE SKY!!!! IT'S DESTINY!!!! See yaz later! I'm off to make out with a siamese cat.

I'M JOKING AGAIN. There was no cat. Just a weird pattern in the beams above my head. I do that sometimes. I invent imaginary conversations in my head, so I have it all planned out if a similar scenario ever occured! See! I'm much for logical and organized than I appear!


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ur really beautiful irl. emotion_kirakira

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aww thanks love!

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Lovey, you are super adorable.
Just wanted you to know that. heart heart
C A T H A R S l S

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C A T H A R S l S

It's okay, lol.
C A T H A R S l S

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C A T H A R S l S

I said adorable, not entertaining.
C A T H A R S l S

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C A T H A R S l S

But you were so serious! I couldn't help it! It was adorable! lol
C A T H A R S l S

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C A T H A R S l S

Or I'm just trolling. lol
Ma g l i  r i s

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Ma g l i r i s

U so gorjuss

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Yes, yes you did well done//pats

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dramallama wahmbulance dramallama wahmbulance pirate blaugh ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja


tumblr, duh
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