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oh harrroooo!

linh ● eighteen ● usa ● taken

i'm trying my hardest to get back onto gaia,
so bare with me if I disappear every now and then.

Most of the time I'm either with my boyfriend, or
at work, or at work with my boyfriend.

A lot of my free time is spent playing video games,
Magic: The Gathering, watching anime, on tumblr,
or trying to work out at the gym.

send me a pm and get to know me, yeah?

mtg deck: b/w extort - life drain
tumblr: tsundehime@tumblr
summoner name: tsundehime
skype: ask me, please~
twitter: LlNHH

add l comment l message l trade


hello! I have so much fun talking to this girl.

She's gorgeous inside and out, her personality is great to be honest.

It's nice how close we've gotten throughout the time we've known each
other. I can literally talk to you about anything, like woah. I love it. We
like to rant aboutanime endings and other things.

Get to know her sometime she's literally one of the nicest people,
so worth it.

I'm sososo glad we became friends you have no idea, STAY PERF.

Sorry it took me so long to see your message, //cries.
ILU too linh <33

-Des !! <3

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