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[******** on earth should I say. You know even writing these things up is a total b***h, but hey-what can you do.
I guess I'm bothering with it for the people that actually want to get to know the girl behind the character (if your one of those people-kuddos to you). What can I say other than my name is:Bianca (its not great but its the name my momma gave meh) and I'm 20 years young.

Get to know me and well the very first thing you'll notice is I'm an affectionate gal. I hug,kiss, snuggle, grope (yes indeedy!) when the urge strikes me and thats quite often. After that you'll more then likely learn that I'm a music fiend!! Rock, Metal, Classical, Industrial, name it I love it (except emo...bleah!!!...well.....unless its melt my face good). I make it my business (odds are I spelled that wrong, go me) to know as much about music and bands as I possibly can, since I've not been too blessed talent wise. I mean I fiddle around with bass and guitar but not nearly good enough for someone to care much.
Yea, music is a big deal for me and for the most part I'm tolerant of your tastes. (just don't be ranting about how Hawthorn Heights rocks your c**k because their so good, I can only go so far)

Most of the time I'll come home with smudged make-up, hair curled from heat, smelling of smoke and beer.
I pretty much live to go to shows and rock my face off with local and big bands that come down to my beaner a** town.

Outside of music I'm pretty chill, I love reading and though the beat generation are my typical reads, I'm a HUGE lover of the romance novel genre. Many find it cheesy but its fiction at its best (after all who the ******** gets to have a whirl wind romance that steamy and hot!? If you know a guy, please!!, point me in his direction). I love cooking VERY much too, in fact my friends call me mother hen from time to time simply because I'll baby them and cook for them constantly. I plan on being a chef one day, though I'll be studying to find my true calling in that field-I love far too many styles to pick one at this point. I've actually started college now and classes are pretty fun. Go me

Lets see, lets see...
Like most Gaian's I'm an anime fan. Cat-girl, Goth-loli, I do it all. Maybe I should really get a pic or two of that up....Hmmmm
But I do indeed make my way to conventions and watch the stuff religiously. I actually pride myself in my long list of "Animes I've seen!!"

Thats about it other then this, if you want to know more-cool!
PM me, get to know me, ...don't stalk me XD
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-Tonwe- Report | 12/19/2008 10:14 am
Pm'd that profile! I'm going to add it as a friend here in a second, just wanted to let you know
^^ Thanks for the compliment
Your profile makes me feel like I'm looking at a static television
-Tonwe- Report | 12/18/2008 3:28 pm
Hey! I found an Rp you might want to join
^^ No Ville but I have a new character who needs a wife!
Haha...Anyway, long time no talk, pm me or something.
mrheartbreaker Report | 11/01/2008 3:30 pm
I've been seeped in school work and trying to find ideas and such to keep my games going.
mrheartbreaker Report | 11/01/2008 2:39 pm
Hey Stranger,

How are you? It's been a while! I hope the rp world is treating you well.
Iocane Mare Report | 10/05/2008 7:46 pm
Iocane Mare
LoL Winging it is always fun especially when you need to bullshit your way through getting in trouble.
Pardon my language, poetry is getting to me!
Iocane Mare Report | 10/05/2008 5:56 pm
Iocane Mare
LoL thank you.
I am determined to complete this avi because many people seem to like it as well as me.
Sorry for not posting today, I procrastinated until the last day, and am doing homework.
-Tonwe- Report | 08/27/2008 6:56 pm
Hey you...yeah yeah you...
Pm me...
I'm lonely...and I wants to Rp with j00...
Akhiro Report | 08/19/2008 9:32 pm
Akhiro Report | 08/19/2008 9:23 pm
Oh, snap. Which class are you in?
I'm completely up for it. Just get ready for some wierd stuff XD
Kebrios Report | 08/19/2008 7:53 pm
Well I will be joing a rp called the mist mall version soon you should join as well!


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