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Killua_Z14 Report | 09/17/2014 12:12 pm
I receive a new costumer for today ^A^
For the Summer spirit contest, I didn't get in the place but they have price for joined contestant =D It's Terrible Taru x7 ^A^
Killua_Z14 Report | 09/17/2014 11:41 am
Luna! Your new avatar looks cool!! ^A^
The hairstyle is awesome too~ cat_blaugh
Aeolian Harp Report | 08/25/2014 3:21 pm
Aeolian Harp
Haha yeah xD
They did guarantee 2 years before the release some items but of couurse LOOPHOLE.
They happily release recolors of these items so who knows.
And they have done REALLY stupid recolors like
so who knows.
I'm only going to buy stuff in the MP if it's a limited in a color I really want c:

Haha glitches in pokemon!
I heard about mewthree xD
I didn't hear about it as a kid but I remember watching an LP of pokemon glitches that talked about it c:
Aeolian Harp Report | 08/25/2014 2:36 pm
Aeolian Harp
Oh no I meant that sometimes Gaia will take an item off from GF.
For example Keiko is now off and maybe will rebound some long time in the future.
Either way it's so hard to keep up with the mp that I'll probably stop paying so much attention to trends e-e;;

Wahhh you could actually get mew?
And I know now that the peekablue thingy was a total fraud :p
It's still amazing to see what was in these games from my childhood.
Aeolian Harp Report | 08/25/2014 1:12 pm
Aeolian Harp
I'm not really sure :/
With the prevalence of charms I feel like stuff from GF will eventually deflate.
Sometimes Gaia removes items from GF and I suppose these are good investments?

Ahh hope it worked outs today!

No I never heard about Mew.
Does it have to do with the truck at S.S. Anne?

Ohh I'd be happy with shorts! They're all pretty much fun or scary. Basically totally entertaining.

tesu1 Report | 08/24/2014 2:03 pm
just messed with my avi alittle XD and played in towns alittle thats it
Aeolian Harp Report | 08/23/2014 5:08 pm
Aeolian Harp
It's really tough because of those reasons you said.
For example I have an item that was 90b at most and now deflated to 20b due to all the recolors.
So ouch I'm feeling some pain haha.
I'm hoping that limited won't get rereleased for a while and that's what I'm really banking on with the limited crud :/
Other than that it's really hard to predict anything because what Gaia rereleases is all random D:

Sure! I don't know where to post though xD
The free charm thing linked to an announcement.

I'm really sorry to hear that.
People need to be more on time with those things.. They are really important :/
I hope things work out soon.

Honestly once I finish courting my bachelor I get super bored with HM loool e-e
Sometimes I play until I get my kid but I don't usually play long enough for an animal to die.

Oh yeah! My brother and I grinded like crazy using that rare candy trick.
I don't even remember were we heard about it without the internet xD

Ohh that's what you mean!
It was nice the way they both got to understand each other just a bit more and it gave some dimension to a cliche rich girl.
She's just a naive rich girl who was raised that everything was solved with money.

Holy cruuud for real reals! Gotta stock up then xD
Aeolian Harp Report | 08/23/2014 11:56 am
Aeolian Harp
Rofl. My posts all have a weird format.
ORZ sorry.
Aeolian Harp Report | 08/23/2014 11:55 am
Aeolian Harp
Well most of my stuff is to buy limited and hope they don't get mass released with recolors.
I'm not super sure right now but I invested in the summer sale limited that has a guaranteed 2 years before release.
Investing in limited takes months before any payoffs though ;w;
Also with deflation (shocking!) it's hard to predict.
I think the garage band series should go up with time due to the boots acting as a leg mod though.
It's pretty risky since rerelease times haven't been finalized and I could potentially be at a loss at any time :/
You also need a lot of funds to invest in limited junk e-e

Oh it's okay I'm good with charms. Unless you want me to get some and give them to you I won't mind xD

Ohh sorry I thought you said sticker.
So far the only one I heard of was in the announcement. Other than that I'm clueless myself.
Oh according to a post on this page here you get them from the mini games from the event.
Which costs money to play blarg.

Oh dear I haven't xD I didn't even realize it was a thing.
Sounds like Oregon Trail xD?
Only game I know where people gradually die.

Oh really? I only remember taking bulba for Brock + Misty. That makes sense c:

What rivalry? I just remember them joking that they should have charged her for the food since she was rich.

It's kind of iffy. I did math a long time ago and usually mp items were more expensive than just buying charms in the mp for cheap.

Aeolian Harp Report | 08/23/2014 11:10 am
Aeolian Harp
I dunno I sort of invest in limited so it's how I make my money now e-e
I think if they released it in GoFusion people would go into riots.
They released an item a bit "earlier" than before because they never specifically said when they would rerelease these items and people were up in pitchforks.

I think you like super cute as a paw c:
They added some new animal stuff in GF so I might grab those xD
Wing Sticker Shop[/url
Wing Stickers have been around for a long time you just use them to buy event items. You get 1 per event every 12 hours.
Have you done dailies on mules and stuff? Sometimes I get stars.

Ahaha I remember getting AC for the gamecube on Christmas once and I remember it fondly because I was just so in love and pulled an all-nighter xD
Now my all-nighters are due to Civ5. Wthhh turns take so long but you just can't stop.

Aww that stinks :/
That was a problem with old games esp pokemon. No other save states.
I go for the cute starters xD
I think I always went with ivysaur because of "tactics~~ haha" or charmander.

Lol the trucker hat? That exists?? And omg I want Mabel's sweaters! They're so rad.
Especially the boom box one xD
I really like how they change her clothes like in Adventure Time. It really brings some life to characters c:

If you use those sites I sent you they usually have the new ep a day later. That's how I watched the golf episode.

I made the yellow human mc c:
I'm thinking of making the new animal stuff or waiting to see if they drop in the mp.


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