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"I don't want... to run away by myself. Because no matter what, I'd rather be together with everyone..."

Up to date with the manga because it's cooler and more better AND it's in black and white, which is better!

✰ Feel free to contact me and befriend me, I'm still looking for Fairy Tail cosplayers whether permanent or not. (I'm actually shy to reach out to people)

First Lucy Heartfilia cosplayer on gaia since '10.

Spoiler = IRL info.

Ashley | 18 | Tumblr | Main Gaia

My main gaia has *more* information about me if you're interested. I'm also looking to make more friends on here bc it's summer and I'm lonely, jk. But seriously though, I want to make more friends and I'm actually shy and stuff so it's hard for me to reach out to people. If you reach out to me first, chances are I'll be nice and friendly and happy to talk!

If you're wondering where to contact me if I'm not online, there is my tumblr and on my page it has several links to my social media.

iLucy Heartfilia
DragneeI Natsu
MarveII Wendy