It has been an extremely long road. Many memories and friends were gained and lost on this site called Gaia. Back in '07 I joined Gaia with the intent of making new friends,and I did. I joined with a long user of my first OC in hopes that I would be able to flesh out her character. And I did. Somewhat.

I began cosplaying Orochimaru in '08 and I was known as the "The Orochimaru of Gaia" for many years after that. What a joke. Drama soon followed that, only for many friends to be lost in the s**t storms that Gaia involved. And the Naruto community is s**t now. Does it even exist anymore? Probably not since Kishimoto is being an a*****e about the series and beating around the bush.

I roleplay for the most part, however it takes much convincing for me to get into the character that grew like a second mold for myself. Be prepared for gruesomeness, hatred, pain, and disbelief. Ruthlessness is probably the word that I am looking for.

Feel free to comment me if you wish to grab my attention. It is amazing to see how easy a person can change due to life's tramatic events.

Thank you for your visit.