Your eyes open slowly to adjust to the harsh light that blinds you from above. You moan, not understanding what is the world is going on. You cannot move, air escapes you as you panic. Eyes widening you look about just to see this blinding light soften gently. But then you notice a mass that is blocking the light that has been blinding you. A cruel smirk revealing fangs appears as your eyes adjust to the light....

The male smirked, intrigued that a person such as the one beneath him was awake. It took less time then expected, which of course excited the Serpintine. Golden hues and a cold touch to the person's cheek surely sent shivers down the poor person's spine. Orochimaru grinned and licked his lips, leaning down to the person's ear. "You sure have made a fool of yourself now havent you? Trying to defeat a being such as myself.."

Screaming panic stricken, the person starts to struggle but only realizes that a piece of, the lips of the mouth were sowed...or were they..? Orochimaru chuckled darkly as his cold fingertips glided to the place where the mouth should of been..They were gone. The opening to the mouth was gone. "Looking for a way to beg for forgiveness..?" He hissed softly as he glanced towards his hand as he outlined the person's blank jaw. "I suggest I better introduce myself then..."

Slowly he stood up and licked his lips again, his serpentine eyes watching the naked body struggle with anguish. It just made him laugh. A cruel, sadistic yet hearty laugh, one that he rarely uttered from his thin lips. It was too be done. To gain the information out of the person whether or not the person knew. "I am iLord Orochimaru, one of the accursed Sannin," He picked up one of the scalpels that were on the table besides him, "The Sannin with talent that Konoha rarely saw in its day of age.."

"I was rarely liked in that population, but I despised them all. They were all mere pawns in this world called life. Pawns that were to bow down to serve me." Slowly he cut the flesh of the person's chest to much of his patient's distress. Veins popped out of the arms as muffled screams could be heard. He frowned finding it rather difficult to cut thin, perfect incisions he glared at the struggling person and hissed. "I suggest you be a good little child and stop struggling...I might slice something required...Off." He smirked seeing that the patient had calmed down a bit, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Turning his attention back to the bleeding chest, he started to remove the layers of flesh, continuing, "Now I'm on a quest to gain my Immortal requirements...But of course, you did not need to know that."

Frowning at how slowly this was going and that his patient was growing forever panicked, struggling again as the realization hit the brain, he sighed. "How disappointing..I thought you were one of the strong ones..No matter." A devilish, crazed look appeared on his face as he leaned down besides him grabbing a large object that was besides the experimentation table. "Now that you know my true intentions...I believe I need to get rid of you..."

A loud revving of a buzz saw filled the empty hallways of the lair as Orochimaru laughed evilly.

"Welcome to Otokagure, child! Please enjoy your stay!"

It has been an extremely long road. Many memories and friends were gained and lost on this site called Gaia. Back in '07 I joined Gaia with the intent of making new friends,and I did. I joined with a long user of my first OC in hopes that I would be able to flesh out her character. And I did. Somewhat.

I began cosplaying Orochimaru in '08 and I was known as the "The Orochimaru of Gaia" for many years after that. What a joke. Drama soon followed that, only for many friends to be lost in the s**t storms that Gaia involved. And the Naruto community is s**t now. Does it even exist anymore? Probably not since Kishimoto is being an a*****e about the series and beating around the bush.

I roleplay for the most part, however it takes much convincing for me to get into the character that grew like a second mold for myself. Be prepared for gruesomeness, hatred, pain, and disbelief. Ruthlessness is probably the word that I am looking for.

Feel free to comment me if you wish to grab my attention. It is amazing to see how easy a person can change due to life's tramatic events.

Thank you for your visit.
iLord Orochimaru