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Ok So I'm Jasmine.
I don't really get on Gaia all that much anymore but I'm sure I'd add you to Facebook if you're on my friend list on Gaia or something. Anyways, My birthday is August 15. I would be more specific but I'm not sure how often I'll update this thing. Last time I updated the About me was when I was 17...and now I'll be 20 next month.
Time sure flies.
Anyways, My hair color has been known to change but naturally I have dark brown hair with a red tint to it but that's really not that important. I also have hazel eyes..also not really important. I'm straight and personally I think I'm pretty awesome. Don't be afraid to send a message or something if you want because I definitely don't have the attention span to type everything out in this About Me.


Most likely you've met me on zOMG as a white dog. I don't really play zOMG often but to socialize and help little noobs with quests and such. All my rings are at lvl 10 and I've totally given up on try to get to lvl 12. My username has always been "anime4babe416" but if it changes then I guess you guys know now.

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