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If you're trying to contact me in the forums, or trying to start an RP with me.
Quoting or PMing me is the best way to get my attention.
P.s. If you give me art of any kind... ♥


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The more you know

Why hello there visitors, I might as well start with a simple introduction. Here I'm known as Illumnus but many people call me many different names and you can call me whatever you like. However I'm frequently called Ill, Illy, Lumnus, Lummy and etcetera etcetera. I love meeting new people so if you think yourself interesting or have heard others tell you so don't be afraid to stop by and talk.

And since I'm not too good at talking about myself I'll just start with the fact that I like a great variety of things in this world, some more than others. Since coming to Gaia awhile back, I have found out I have a passion for roleplaying. After having done 'a few' I've become adequately literate, if I do say so myself.

If anyone would like to start one up send me a message with some sort of general plot or basic ideas and we can work from there. If you'd like to know more send me a message or comment, it's nice to see a few every now and then.

As for things other than roleplaying I like drawing, anime, science, science-fiction, movies, sleeping, having a good time in general, playing games, mythology(especially norse.... Vikings come up with such fun stuff) and other fairly normal things but a majority of these things I don't tend to start a conversation about unless someone other than I wishes to talk about these types of interests.But if you want to know anything about me in specific you'll probably have to talk to me to figure that stuff out.

Also I have a couple messenger accounts so if you would like to add me just ask for my name and I'll give it to ya.

And If you would like to leave a comment click here.

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