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In Memoriam

My mom's cat, Lovey, passed away Monday, April 17th, 2017.

This section of my profile is to commemorate his entry into kitty heaven, where he can hunt all the lizards he wants, sleep in eternal sunspots, and hog all of the covers.

Rest in peace, Lovey Meow Bray. We'll miss you.

Avatar/OC Backstory

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Kell is a reanimated patchwork being much like Frankenstein’s monster - except she was in her early 20s at time of death and hipster as hell. She has a vague accent that reminds people of the UK, but nobody can agree where the accent is from specifically.

Kell has embraced her undead life, passing it off as the "Guro Kawaii” style and extreme body modification to normal folk. She has four pet fruit bats, who adore her, and who she adores in turn. Kell is also a fan of Pumpkin Chai Mochas (even though she doesn’t really need to eat or drink), bands you didn’t even know existed, vinyl records, nerdy and cute graphic tees, and cateye glasses.

Her favorite shirt is a pink tee with a scroll on it reading "too kawaii to live, too sugoi to die". This is partly because she isn't one of the living or dead, and she finds it hysterical.

Her favorite color is a pink best described as "dusky rose". Kell likes it for the muted femininity and for the contrast it brings to her varied skin tones.


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