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B Negative Report | 01/06/2017 12:29 am
B Negative
Your profile made my day lol
OMG LICE Report | 01/03/2017 5:54 pm
bc this site is nothing but a cosplaying s**t, i miss zOMG! LIKE GAIA GET UR s**t TOGETHER! LAKE KINDRED CAN NEVER REPLACE IT. stressed stressed
kutCHARA Report | 12/28/2016 9:58 pm
this will be my ringtone for life lol
kutCHARA Report | 12/28/2016 9:29 pm
daym son
ur profile music made my day lol
what's the title?
Tigure Hime Report | 12/28/2016 7:15 pm
Tigure Hime
i have never heard a profile with that kind of music ever XD
OMG LICE Report | 12/28/2016 4:51 am
Am not ! -secretly enjoys the pinch- redface
Tigure Hime Report | 12/28/2016 2:27 am
Tigure Hime
your background music made me laugh
Soul Gekigami Report | 12/24/2016 9:13 am
Soul Gekigami
pffft. chocobo are tough, they can handle themselves so i never feel bad. hell they could just take off runnin.
Soul Gekigami Report | 12/22/2016 8:50 am
Soul Gekigami
were you running on a chocobo?? that's how you travel in style lol :3
Soul Gekigami Report | 12/22/2016 8:21 am
Soul Gekigami
ill let you in on a secret that will save you a ton of time. pick a town you like and sleep there, then just have your car towed to wherever you need to be and you can fast travel between the two places, your car and the town. it doesn't take like ANY in game time so you can get lots done and still be able to get XP bonuses from sleeping in the hotels. :3 its probably saved me over a few hours of running around already.

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