hi, i'm aria c:

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My name is Aria, you can call me Aria, Ari or b***h. I've been on Gaia since January 2005, and I'm currently twenty-five. Yes, I have a job. Yes I have a car. Yes, I live with my parents - why? Free rent, utilities, laundry, food and love. Don't judge. Yes, I play video games, watch anime, and spend endless hours on Gaia. I have no life.

3DS Information

Name // Aria
FC // 3153 - 5232 - 1326
Games // Pokemon X // Alpha Sapphire // Smash Bros
Message me if you add me!

I am the most fun person you will meet. Ever.

I have done many cosplays on Gaia, though most are from Naruto.

Naruto // Tsunade // Rin // Sakura // Mei // Konan // Kushina // Hinata // Madara // Tobi // Deidara

FMA:B // Olivier // Riza // Lust

ATLA // Azula // Ty Lee // Katara

LOK // Asami // Amon

LOZ // Zelda // Midna

Kill la Kill // Ragyo

K-On // Yui

Gravity Falls // Mabel

Madara Uchiha
Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this hunk of a man?

If you know me, you know I love him, and I collect Madara cosplayers. Yes, I have a personal favorite Madara cosplayer, and he knows who he is. <3 You would also know that I am his wife. Does he know this? lolnope. But it's okay, he won't say no to me. c: He can't say no to me. ; w; <3

I'm a pretty outgoing person, and I'll talk to just about anyone. Don't be afraid to message me or add me, I don't bite!

Some people on here have my love. They know who they are.

What the Naruto Community does in their spare time. emotion_smilies/icon_dealwithit.gif

Naruto All Star
Il Minato Il
Il Itachi Il
Crime Sorciere
Narutoh Uzumahki
-I- U r u h a -I-
Konoha Avenger
Il Madara Il
Edo Tensei Madara Uchiha
Legendary Senju
Ame Angel
Edo Tensei Sasori
Canny Sakura
Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Ame God
Sexy Un
Kabuto Yakushl
Foul Mouthed Hidan
Tobi The Mischievous
Riku Mitarashi