First signed in on gaia on: 08.19.04
Basic character info:
Date of Birth: Around Age 733 ( Stoped aging at around 20. )
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Red
Length: 5"3
Weigth: 121 lbs

Vega is the second child of King Vegeta, she was raised and trained with her older brother Vegeta.
After she coudn't keep up with her brothers power level she was send to a remote planet to train herself.
Just like her younger brother Tarble..
King Vegeta has a thing for sending the unwanted kids to other planets I guess.

Her personality is almost the same as her older brother she's an arrogant and proud Saiyan that likes to be treated like a princess.

Around Age 770 she managed to fix the space pod she came in, to find out her home planet was destroyed by Frieza in Age 737 so she traveled to earth in search of Vegeta.

More art of Vega can be found in Journal.


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Report | 08/23/2014 7:55 pm

Sinful Ecstasy

That's okay, I just noticed yours 3 days later. emotion_awesome

To be fair, though, I wasn't even online.
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'kay~ I'll be there in five minutes. emotion_awesome

Eh it's not too bad. At least I didn't have to work.
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Report | 08/18/2014 3:00 pm

Sinful Ecstasy

But at least you'd be warm if you were in bed~

I'm not doing much. Just hanging out, really. Kind of bored.
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Hm. I'm not sure I believe you. lol

Anyway, what're you up to?
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What, you're not? lol
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They're probably just teasing you. You seem really innocent and sweet. lol
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surprised Really? I can't imagine that.

Yeah, I think she's already over it now.
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I wouldn't know. I've only met one on here, and you don't seem very arrogant at all.

I think so. She's denying that it's her birthday because she's mad at me for forgetting but I'm 100% sure I know it now.
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Winky face? That makes it seem dirty! lol

I guess that makes sense. There's barely anyone on during netherlands time.

I forgot her birthday and she wouldn't tell me! I remember it now, though.
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Sinful Ecstasy

I got in an argument with a friend~ It's silly. lol

If you're bored you should do something fun, then.

Waiting for someone special? surprised


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