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I'm Red as you all know, and I'm sure you all would like to know more. So let's go down the basic list.
Age: 17
Name: Red
Favorite colors: Red and ]black
Addicted to: Ramen, fruit bars,fruit snacks, and juice.
I like: Pocoyo, reading,writing,drawing,pastel colors, music, dancing,Naruto, Soul eater,playing my clarinet.
I dislike: annoying people, bright things, veggies, bad scents, text words.

→You can mostly find me in zOMG in Bills Ranch Server: bladed vase/Buzz Saw, or not.←
→I'm starting to converse more and more in CB, so you can find me there as well.←

I'm generous, so If you need a donation, I can help you out, but don't keep asking over again. I can be rude when needed.
Oh and I stalk Prince of Strawberries, constantly so if you see him let him know that Red says hi.
Here is my updated favorite song. Even though I do not have a favorite song by this artist. I love them all so it's hard to choose, but anyway send me a pm or add a comment to get to know me better.


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