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A little about meh~

Hai thar~
I'm Sky-Chan !
I was never good with these "about me" stuff :3
So I'll keep it short kay? 159cm. 49 kg.
Currently 16 years of age . Korean-British.
I'm very out-going, optimistic, and extroverted.
Hobbies: singin',drawin',cookin',dancin',writin'
And I love strawberries, and cute stuff~
I'm a big fan of kpop/kdrama, japanese anime, and League~
My favorite color is lightblue,white.
Favorite animal? Polar Bear!
Turn on: A gorgeous smile & a sense of humour.
Send me a random PM? i love them~

welp. Kay bye!
Hope you have an awesome day!
Keep it classy~

♠ 이지은

o.o what are you doing? add me!


Sempai >///<


On a quest for avi art.
You draw. I pay.

Oppa :3

bff <3