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The name is Duncan..Tara's Duncan c:

Is taken be the adorably amazing, loving and sweet, gorgeous and sexy little Dragon pup, Tara c: And has been since the 28th of January 2013 C:

To save myself the trouble of repeatedly updating the age. Birthday is the 1st of December~

Nicknames by Tara: Sweetie/Sweetheart/Pringle/My love/Bae/Duncling/Smexy/Reindeer/Happy Owl/Fluffy/Tiger :3

'Ello! This be Tara as said before ^-^ Here is some stuff you should know about my loving Duncan c:
..You shouldn't need to know anything, because he's mine, so go away >:c

- He's so sweet ;w;
- Ridiculously sick-minded such as myself c:
- Can do perfect accents, like Irish (Ohmygah, so funny XD)
- Loves Psycho-Pass xP
- Plays CoD like a frickin' pro xD
- Smells like pringles o.o
- Really lazy just like me xD
- Always wins bets, because he's stubborn and does everything to win :c
- Loves my accent c:
- Knows my weakness of tickles >:c
- Loves my butt
- He's so frickin' s'mexy ;3;
- Likes watching me squeal over Alien Isolation :c
- n./n BRRRRRR (Only he'll know what I meannn =3)
Look at all these things I'm saying about him =3
- He has a really cute smile and manly giggle laugh C:
- He only knows two lines of Let It Go - Frozen..Which is literally the "Let It Go, Let It Go" part.
- He's my Naughty Ninetales ;D
- I remembered the 1702 code on Alien: Isolation even though he had to look at his hand >=3
- He knows exactly how to cheer me up..Literally just by saying "I can see you trying to smile c:"
- Mmm that serenading with his sexy voice >;D
- He loves it when I jiggle c:
- He's like..Best friends with the Alien and 'dem Androids c:
- He makes amazing cups of tea ;w;
- He likes making height jokes 'cause I'm tiny =C
- 'Dem kisses n' cuddles ;3;
- We make an awesome team >=3
- Loves KissxSis (Put this here as my own small revenge.)
- Don't worry, I do Geography =3
- Loves Monster Energy c:
- Got me into Nightcore, 'cause that s**t is amazin' ;3;
- He loves mah drawings =3
- He says random s**t when he's tired..He'll know what I'm on about c:
- He has this ability to just..Make everything seem okay with hugs ;w;
- He's my sexy tiger. MINE, MINE, MINE.
- Llamo. A posh Llama c:
- He loves my smile c: And me, but y'know XD
- He's best friends with the Alien on Alien: Isolation. And it TOTALLY doesn't scare him.
- I lurve him =3 emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
And s**t-tones more that would take forever and ever to put down~
BUT long story short, he's an my amazingly perfect, loving, funny, caring, seriously hot Duncan C:
I cannot put into words how much he means to me and that I can't frickin' wait to spend my life with him ;w;

Turn down for what!

Le Loves:
- My Tararara/Perfect/Amazing/Bubbles/Squirt/Marshmellow/ Little Dragon/Sexy/Puppy ((Aka..Tara ~ Look at all those nicknames xD))
- Hugs, cuddles and kisses from my Tara :3
- Anime ~ Mirai Nikki, Psycho Pass, FATE/Stay Night, Attack on Titan etc.
- Musicccc~
- Lancer..
- Tara's butt n' bewbs
- Bacon =3
- Pokemon >=3
- Cold n' the rain =3 (SNOW N' THUNDER N'..RAIN =D )

Le Dislikes:
- Touching people ..All besides Tara of course c:
- Spiders..Insect thingys
- Complaining over easy-solved things >:c
- Justin Bieber and s**t singers like that.
- People stealin' mah Tara -glomps her face-
- Tara's little sister, Kat. Ew.
- Dinkleburg
- Poor Grammar ¬.¬
- Too much heat..Nonono..Coldness is where it's at C:

To Duncan, from Tara..I love you so much sweetie..You mean the world to me and I have no idea how I ever got so lucky to be with someone as amazingly loving and able to withstand my bad temper as you ;w; You make me feel like a billion every day, and you always manage to make me smile even when I don't wanna xP I'll always love you my sexy happy owl emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif ^w^ xxxxxx

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iSadistic Report | 11/30/2014 6:41 pm
emotion_bigheart HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY S'MEXY MASTER =3 emotion_bigheart
purplesummer2 Report | 11/21/2014 4:25 am
You and Tara are so cute ;3
iSadistic Report | 11/12/2014 4:02 am
iSadistic Report | 11/11/2014 2:11 am
Psst..I love you emotion_bigheart c: xxxxxx
ninja of the shadowss Report | 11/09/2014 3:26 pm
ninja of the shadowss
yooo there biggrin goodo to meet yah
iSadistic Report | 03/16/2014 9:44 am
Psst..I love 'chu my pringle reindeer /)^w^( emotion_bigheart
iSadistic Report | 12/15/2013 3:34 pm
Hai sweetheart ^w^ emotion_bigheart
iSadistic Report | 06/17/2013 3:00 am
I Love Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ^^ emotion_bigheart
iSadistic Report | 05/17/2013 5:21 am
Thanks for the comment on my profile, sweetie ^^..The whole ''About Me'' thing just sums me up in general xD

Love you too btw :3 emotion_bigheart
iSadistic Report | 03/29/2013 7:27 pm
Omg, Yes..First Comment! I Am Awesome Like That..Therefore, I Win xD

It's weird how whenever I comment on someone's profile..I feel like I'm talking to myself o.o


Tara Was Here >.>


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