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Gender: Female

Location: Dreams / Reality

Birthday: 08/16

Occupation: Oni / YANDERE



Look, I like most of the human population, but it's a real turn off if you act like an overwhelming egomaniac to re-compensate for your sucky childhood.
I'll play nice if you do the same, deal?
-Extends hand towards you-

basically male since I, Dev, mostly get on Britt's stuff.
basically female since I, Britt, am reclaiming my land.
Oh, I also like art, paper airplanes, and animals, along with wonderful conversations among strangers.
Salutations friends.

"There will come a time where all of your comforts and safety WILL leave you.
You will have nothing, no barriers nor faces to turn to.
When that time comes, you will fall.
Maybe then, you'll really know what it means to feel."

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