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Gender: Female

Location: Nature

Birthday: 08/16

Occupation: Monster/Guard



I'm omnivorous. I prefer honey and water.
Um, my about me's are always too long for my taste.
I'm taken by a wonderful man on gaia and in the real world.
HIS GAIA ACCOUNT: Jeff The Conduit
So, that means ******** off. I'm not interested in you.
Oh, yeah, I roleplay as these; Human, Ghost, Alraune, Holstaurus, Alien, Dog, Yokai
One more thing, I hate manipulative egotistical people.
I'll call you out on it.
Grave of Fireflies (Movie Review)
"This grabs your heart and just beats the s**t out of it". - CliffM85.
"I cried my soul out of my eye sockets during half of it then dead in a puddle of my tears at the end of the movie" - iimpy


Jeff, If you died, I would have no need to be here anymore.
I'm selfish, I guess. But I'm sick of giving everyone else happiness,
And I never gave myself my own.
It's time for me to be happy now.
I'm glad I met you.
I've decided to dedicate my existence next to you.
So smile for me, please.
I love you.
So I'll die next to you.
Or should I live for you?
Either way, I'll see you again.
I promise.

Jeff The Conduit
Bishi Pudding
Unlucky FourLeafed Clover
Fred Fred Burger x