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Nothing much ^~^

Hai. :3
I'm just a person going through the adventure we call life ^w^
Nothing special really.


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Tiny Shoujo Report | 11/01/2015 6:48 am
Happy Birthday Naru! 4laugh yum_puddi
bibi-chan21 Report | 09/16/2015 4:54 pm
Cool avi! cool
Jiji-da-ponytaku Report | 09/13/2015 8:04 pm
*notices the good ol' fluffy fox fellow appears from the nowhere's stance*

Oh my,a frabjously words of my greetings unto the merry ol' furred lad of mine,indeed~ *bows and raises hat*

Haven't seen thyself's dearly presence around these place for a wee long while,I say,
But,nevermore,what a splendrous-ly return of itself for no vile,agreed~
Moreover,kindred of it's guess,how's thee's day brims these halcyon-ly time jams it's style,yes~? gaia_diamond *taps chin*

Ah,a lay of fresh thankfulness words shall thou received,
As well,why not,fascinating m'dear fellows' generosities, as the item's seems to be interesting as it's greatness theme upon this fellow's optics to it's grasping sleeved,m'dear fox-y lad~ *nods and stirs tea*

yum_tea heart
Royal_Rhino Report | 09/04/2015 8:40 pm
that sounds hard gonk
I wonder what the next event is going to be? *super excited for new events*
Royal_Rhino Report | 09/03/2015 10:20 pm
awww *pets* no worries about the kin (which I'm not sure how it's done). You'll get lucky some other time biggrin

(Lake kindred making me procrastinate) emotion_drool
Royal_Rhino Report | 09/03/2015 2:56 am
for some reason I read your comment as 'I earned nearly 80 billion golf'
WOW!! You are Ballin' (and speaking of ballin', playing Lake Kindred and it gave me about 504,000,000 gold in one sitting. weeee

So how's life so far?
Royal_Rhino Report | 09/02/2015 6:07 am
OH YEAH! The Lake Kindred event/game. I played a bit of it until level 2. it;s so clunky that it's not funny anymore. sweatdrop
I was actually more surprised at getting 5k gold for playing and the daily chances and got super excited until I went to the marketplace one day.
eek emotion_jawdrop emotion_facepalm
and I'm still pissed that they took off ZOMG. hmph (sorry if it sounds like I'm ranting)
kovu uzumaki 2341 Report | 09/01/2015 10:58 pm
Welcome ^_^
kovu uzumaki 2341 Report | 09/01/2015 10:41 pm
Looks awesome ^_^
kovu uzumaki 2341 Report | 09/01/2015 10:29 pm
^_^ anything you would like to do or talk about?


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Hai there :3
Name's naru ^w^
I'm a bit shy and awkward -.w-.
Come talk to me! owo

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3DS FC: 5000 - 4459 - 0570


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mah gsisters owo

a picture my sis drew for me of us eating ice cream :3 FOR THE ICE CREAM XD

a picture my sis drew :3 of my old account :D

My gmom X3

My mom drew this for me. X3I LOVE IT!!! <3

My senpai :3