About me? Hmmmmm...... Welp, I a 24 year old
(Feb. 28 ), Caucasian, female. I live in the
south (east), though, I'm not a hill person
or a redneck,so ******** you. If you want to know
my real name, well that's just too bad.
Call me Kat or Fluffy, Idc.

I've signed up for Gaia in '04/'05 but lost my
first account and didn't return 'til late '06.
Been on again, off again since then.

I have way too many interests to list, as well
as likes and dislikes. If you really want to
know about them just ask. We're online so
can't bite. My current interests are,
Pokemon, netflix, and Gaia.

I'm a very fickle person so my interest and
mood (and everything else for that matter.)
often change. I'm single, and intend to stay
that way. My fave color(s) is
red then orange or purple. My fave food is
forever spaghetti. And I don't have a fave
type of music. My fave kind of movies/vids are
the funny kind (Not necessarily comedy. > >)

I am opinionated, bossy, and very loud. I can
get anywhere from extremely hyper to
way too down to move. I love my puppy (Even
if she isn't a puppy anymore.). I love gaming,
though I also love physical activities.
And now I'm done.

Have questions. Comment box.