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hey all im EvilDoll... Doll for short...
~irl my name is wendie~22 years young. b-day june 14th. ~i love video games and computer games~im a movie person specially horror movies~i love art i love to draw and paint~im a really crafty person~i love cooking n for that matter i do it well specialy bakin~i love to have fun and im really wierd but people seem to like that on me........
if you wanna know anything just ask i dont bite.

What i look like !

Mrs Potterhead -CR-
Mr Potterhead
Kirito Soloer Pewdiepie
Raiden of Revengeance
Lovable Madness
Saraanfaal Mondovul
Mythical Stars
Genkai taught me well
Sir Le Chat
War Like Love