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Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/24/2014 11:53 pm
Thank for vote me from arena smile But i will wait and see the winner on Monday next week.
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/23/2014 8:57 am
Thank But i will enter next avatar later i will need save lots gold to buy good items.
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/23/2014 8:55 am
Hello your cool Demon Queen avatar smile I know my vote start tomorrow. I will send from my status.
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/21/2014 7:52 am
Oh cool yes i saw there new sailor moon crystal different hair for different Sailor guardians. But i don't have new hair for Mamoru i hope they will design new hair for Mamoru only black color but King Endymion only purple hair.
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/21/2014 7:48 am
But when vote end i will send some items away to my store for sold.
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/21/2014 7:48 am
Thank wait when my avatar will enter arena every Monday. But my adult avatar aang not full avatar i only need save up billion gold. I am now 2.6 billion last week i was save up 3.8 billion but i was sold some items for my Tintin avatar.
Mr_King_Endymion0012 Report | 11/21/2014 7:44 am
Welcome online your cute avatar I know it Sailor Moon i have enter arena yesterday i wear my Tintin avatar from Tintin movie. Here my vote
Mega Pidgeot Report | 11/20/2014 8:48 pm
Yissssss~ Now your Moonie is spot on! c:
Mega Pidgeot Report | 11/20/2014 8:44 pm
Really? :O Awesomeness!
Pit Takes Flight Report | 11/20/2014 7:52 pm
5b isn't bad though! Maybe put some things in the exchange and that might help o u o

Booker, are you afraid of God?

I'm sad to say that as much as I'm going to miss it, I will not be entering the arenas anymore. It's not fun anymore, and I'm sick of all the downvoting and the same people winning over and over again. I'm also sick of them winning with what others call "overdone" characters because they have a mass amount of gold to make their character "look better".

I'm also "too poor" to enter the arenas, because of the inflation caused by Gaia, I can't afford the right item(s) to make my cosplay even worthy of placing, because that super expensive item is the only one that will do in the eyes of voters.

I had fun while it lasted, and met some pretty awesome people (and some pretty distasteful people while I was at it), and I want to thank everyone who had voted for me, even if I didn't place.

Below is what you've helped me accomplish.

~2nd Place~
[resub] "In a world of my own..."
Week 14, 2014

Average Rate: 4.29

~10th Place~
Lady Tremaine - Cinderella
Week 11, 2014

Average Rate: 3.83

~10th Place~
"It's like a dream..."
Week 4, 2014

Average Rate: 3.62

~8th Place~
Elizabeth - Burial at Sea
Week 2, 2014

Average Rate: 3.61

~5th Place~
"I'm Wishing..."
Week 50, 2013

Average Rate: 3.88

~5th Place~
LoZ: The Great Fairy of Ice
Week 49, 2013

Average Rate: 3.65

~8th Place~
Week 48, 2013

Average Rate: 3.50

~9th Place~
LoZ: The Great Fairy of Flame
Week 47, 2013

Average Rate: 3.46

~7th Place~
Princess Daisy [re-resub]
Week 43, 2013

Average Rate: 3.61

~1st Place~
Ol' Granny - Snow White
Week 40, 2013

Average Rate: 3.98

~10th Place~
Plutia - Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory
Week 39, 2013

Average Rate: 3.66

~8th Place~
Snow White (resub) - Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Week 37, 2013

Average Rate: 3.72

~6th Place~
Sedusa - The Powerpuff Girls
Week 34, 2013

Average Rate: 4.22

~5th Place~
Princess Tutu
Week 28, 2013

Average Rate: 4.24

~5th Place~
Snow White - Evil Queen
Week 24, 2013

Average Rate: 4.27

~7th Place~
Bioshock Infinite - Elizabeth
Week 22, 2013

Average Rate: 4.27

~7th Place~
Hyperdimension Neptunia - Vert
Week 20, 2013

Average Rate: 4.29

~1st Place~
Blue Fairy - Disneyland
Week 6, 2013

Average Rate: 4.39

~1st Place~
Hayley Smith - American Dad
Week 2, 2013

Average Rate: 4.56

~5th Place~
Christmas Tree
Week 52, 2012

Average Rate: 4.27

~9th Place~
.hack//G.U. Pi
Week 43, 2012

Average Rate: 4.26

~6th Place~
Princess Odette [resub]
Week 39, 2012

Average Rate: 4.38

~1st Place~
Cruella de Vil
Week 34, 2012

Average Rate: 4.61

~2nd Place~
Emily - Corpse Bride [resub]
Week 31, 2012

Average Rate: 4.46

~4th Place~
My name is... [re-sub]
Week 6, 2012

Average Rate: 4.32

~10th Place~
Karen and Frosty
Week 51, 2011

Average Rate: 4.15

~5th Place~
Baby Peach
Week 49, 2011

Average Rate: 4.36

~7th Place~
Queen of Hearts Playing Card
Week 48, 2011

Average Rate: 4.21

~7th Place~
Disney's Snow White
Week 34, 2011

Average Rate: 4.27

~1st Place~
Queen Beryl [resub]
Week 32, 2011

Average Rate: 4.43

~10th Place~
"Princess Gwenevere/Starla"
Week 26, 2011

Average Rate: 4.16

~6th Place~
"Eve - Wall-E"
Week 24, 2011

Average Rate: 4.33

No, I'm afraid of you...

Hello there! I'm Darky, Darkness, or Elizabeth (rp name).

I'm 24 years old and am a bank teller. I'm taken and have been with my wonderful boyfriend for two years~ I like to read, write, draw, make AMV's, cosplay, make random cosplay videos, play video games, roleplay, and watch anime.

I'm honestly getting sick and tired of the random friend requests from people. At least message me! My PM's are open to receive from anyone. I won't accept just a friend request if I have never met/talked to you before.

I'm also getting sick of having to talk to people first in order to even get a conversation out of them. After a while, if I feel like there's no "friendship", you're off my friends list. Case closed. I get to the point where I wonder why I even bothered to accept a friend request from someone, or to even add them to my Skype when they don't put any effort into talking to me. I'm not saying that you who is reading this has to talk to me on a day to day basis, but every once in a while I would like to see a little effort on your end and not all on mine.

Anything I do to you that is beyond normal interactions is a roleplay. Again, I have a boyfriend.

I'm not active on here as much as I used to be, partly because of the HUGE inflation caused by Gaia's greed. I was tired of getting constant announcements about a new Gaia Cash Shop Item being released, or a Cash Sale, and I'm frankly still sick of them.