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I like tea...and ice cream.

You hate milk i kill you.

A comedian by heart. I come up with silly stuff to make you laugh.


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Aldfridus Report | 08/12/2017 8:11 am
Good to see you too. Hope that you're alright.

I was waiting on a dude that wanted to kill the Stone Coatl and checked the Meat thread, and went to check it out, but Mavdoc was just leaving when I got there.

I was questing for years to get the grunny helm and arms, and then had to wait a little more for them to show up on the Marketplace or the Exchange forum.
It was a pain in the a** but it looks fly as heck.
wreaks_havoc Report | 08/11/2017 9:18 pm
Go to your account settings and choose "preferences". Halfway down on the left hand side of the page you can choose your "currency type".
Sleep and Pizza Report | 08/06/2017 9:57 pm
be still my heart!! heart
Sleep and Pizza Report | 07/29/2017 1:21 am
i love your avi i am your #1 fan
Stronger Than I Seem Report | 07/26/2017 12:37 am
LUL I should really change my username. Or not haha I'm never here.

What's good? I'm alright, college and all. Pfft.
lvkewl Report | 07/18/2017 3:02 am
Sorry for the wall of text, they really need to make a darker green :/
Take care, hope to crew up like old times again for screenies
lvkewl Report | 07/18/2017 3:01 am
Oh at degree level you did that! wow so tough. I found it hard at A-levels to stick with economics, it was boring af remembering the charts. What did you study for AS/A-levels? I did Bio, Psy and Eco.
My dream job was to be an artist, but my art teacher at the time put me off, and a careers adviser told me art wasnt good pay. So I spent two years thinking about what to do, and I saw a lab tech during morning break, setting some lab equipment up. And bingo I was like I can do that. Moved into LJMU for my degree in Bio for 3 years.
You should have done computer science, I would if I was smarter, but I never understood all teh codes. I bet you could still do it now if you really wanted it. I loved uni was a big move up from school. I really came out of my shell during that time. I felt I was bottom of bio class during school. But at uni I could finally keep up with the others, was nice meeting ppl from all over the UK too. Plus it was my fav fun stubject as a hobby. I still hated school for how boring it was, and classes made me want to sleep. Why didnt you like uni? I was more scared of how much it would cost.

Yes I had in real life issues in HK, lost a really good long term friend, and thought things were on teh up with my gf, but even that fizzled out, ahh I was in a low, and things in HK were getting more expensive. Oh the value of the sterling, I could only get £1 = $11, which sucked, bc I was getting avg $14 to the sterling, I think the most I ever changed was $16 but that was ages ago, damn I was super happy around that time, visited the bank to exchange notes every f'ing day, I was a regular, and they knew what I wanted, as soon as I would walk in xD

As for a house I am still looking, I am not bothered about it as an investment, just need a place to keep my things, like a two up, two down house . My bro just purchased a place too, so I am jelly af.

UK feels the same old, I rarely travel around here, trains seem super slow and expensive, shops I only go to for food. I can shop online for items now, bc I trust teh UK more than HK for online purchases. Guess the main thing is I know the area well. Got some old friends who still live here etc, so that is nice. Mhmm what else, oh I dont remember there being so many poundshops? Like when did they crop up, and they always super quiet, like does no one shop now. My fav thing about the UK where I live, is that its pretty spaced out, Like I can finally walk down teh street without having to dodge a person (unless they are wide af). HK was mad busy, too crowded for my liking, since after 2010/11, HK didnt feel teh same to me, I never had to queue for a restaurant before 2009. Now I cant even walk unless I take some odd roads to avoid people.
lvkewl Report | 07/18/2017 2:39 am
Dont worry about it Kisa, it is a profile comment, not Instant Messaging, take as long as you want. I sometimes take a couple of years to reply xD
Anyhows ty for posting the video, was fun to see how you do things, you come up with great ideas!

Yush the sEbs just dont feel the same, they hardly talk, unless they in a VC, most take it too seriously now, at least ours were fun, I need to dig up the photos I have, although they on a usb stick in HK right now. Reallt the 1%, I dont know alot of cash users seemed way more rich than us.

Yeah Cera I am not sure, maybe quit, cant even remember the rest, like John, Pluv etc. Did we even crew with the grills? Was mostly an all lads crew.

I know Nate took a dev with us one day for sEb, so yeah they saw how we did it, and he wasnt amused, hence the we dont agree SS should be played that way. Here we will make changes, and make sure you cant just take chests, and run XDDD Was funny af they did that. Instead they still havent fixed wall glitches and lag!

Who was treating who bad to zOMGers? I missed that part. All I know is, I was gone when the new guy was in charge. I am not a big fan of facebook like games for long term playing.
I was never happy about JK saying (mkay so he was just a Messenger, dont shoot him) spend more cash on gaia, like the ticket for buccaneer boardwalk, or by a blood amulet for DMS, and we will keep our jobs, bc that was tots BS. Most left or got fired soon after. So yeah I have my rage moments about this game.
lvkewl Report | 07/18/2017 2:13 am
Hihi yush I tried that method you shown me. I prefer not to use heals (eww diag & bandy, too lazy for that) though. I snipe one with bow, then mob the other four. Try just using rage meat, more risky, but more fun if you get it right.
I cant tell if I prefer hootfoot, or fr right now? So my preferred rings are meat, fleet, passive, one buff (sphere or rock), bow, hack, slash, fr/hf.
Any hows do you have discord? All teh kewl kids are using it, you should to, let me know via PM, we should tots do giftbox using your method. I'll show you my fav mob spot. Working on getting rings for my muley, he doesnt have many rings right now.
chasingtheghost_ Report | 07/12/2017 12:42 pm
Oh crap. lol all is tres good thank youuu the same to you mister ghost finder!


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