My name is Jazzy.
I was born in 1992.
Guys suck! </3
I enjoy drawing avi art when ever I actually take the time to get on my computer anyways.
A book worm would be an understatement, I love reading. some of my favorite authors are Dean Koontz, Jodi Picoult, Cassandra Clare and PC/Kirsten cast.
Video games dear lord where do I start? I am currently addicted to Dragon Age Inquisition, amazing game all around.
Television shows I am probably going to love until I die are The Walking Dead, Supernatural (CASTIEL <3), House, Vampire Diaries (yes I really watch it), Bones, Game of Thrones and True Blood (even if it ended lame...)
Other then all of that some things I enjoy doing are crocheting, writing, sewing or putting my creative talent to work on some other projects I run across that I find too interesting to pass up trying.

For those of you who want to know me for all that I am, put into simple words I am lame. I don't have a social life outside of skype calling a close friend here and there. I'm pretty shy and can't work up the nerves to ever be social so I mostly don't bother, well outside of catching a movie with a friend from work. I love my friends more then words can portray and I am thankful everyday knowing I have such great friends who listen to my crazy a** gripe and still love me! <3
On a final note I am pretty easy to get along with and I really just enjoy chatting with people so if you ever want to chat send a PM my way. Before anyone asks yes I do have skype but no I don't just add anyone nor will I do a call or video call with anyone (my shyness wont allow it) c: only special people who have put up with my a** for 3+ years can drag my a** into a call haha.
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