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Welcome to my shop! My names heart Toxic/Toxie heart I have been on Gaia almost from the beginning I am a 2004 Gaian from another account....thought I will not indulge the name of it. I went on a 3 year break and came back in 2007 starting from square one. I have gotten almost everything I own by myself but I have those loving few friends that have helped me along the way! This shop is my way of making money so every purchase you make helps me conquer my goals! Thank you for stopping by and taking a look and Bless you if you buy from me!


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My name is II-Toxic-II-Rainbows-II but in real life it is Leanna although everyone calls me Anna or Lily. I have been on Gaia since about '04. I started playing when I was a sophomore in high school. I'm Twenty-three years young and I will blow out the candles on October 6th to mark another year of my life. I am Puerto Rican and German...though I do not speak Spanish very well and my German is almost to rusty. I have two amazing men in my life and they call me mommy! I would do anything for them. I'm a dork, I'm a nerd, I'm a trouble maker, I'm spontaneous, I'm adventurous, I'm a girl who plays for keeps and gets jealous easily. I demand respect if I'm in a relationship with someone and I will give them the same respect they give me. I am a Christian so yes I believe in God with all my heart and soul. I'm easily hurt but you will never notice because I keep quiet about it until you piss me off enough. I hold grudges like there is no tomorrow so watch what you do. I'm really hard to get along with some call me a b***h but you can call me whatever you want. Point blank I don't get along with woman...if I get along with you and you are a woman then consider yourself lucky. I love horseback riding, swimming, watching movies, reading and spending time with those important to me. I have 2 piercings and 3 tattoo (Planning on getting my 5th one soon). I live in Florida with my kids. I have lived in Florida almost my whole life. I want to some day see the world especially my heritage parts. I used to live in Puerto Rico so I know what it's like there but I would love to go to Germany one day. Be warned I don't play well with others and I do bite...

10 Strange Facts About Me:

1. So I'm 24 years old and I have 2 kids...people think that's weird for a 24 year old to be ready to settle down with kids. I think it's being family oriented and knowing what you want.
2. I had my kids at a young age so that by the time they are 18 I would still be young enough to go backpacking across another country with them.
3. I'm very OCD when I'm making things and I think they should go in a certain order. So normally I do things myself.
4. I am part German, Puerto Rican and Irish so yes I do have a temper on me when you are able to uncover it. Most of the time you wouldn't be able to tell I was mad.
5. I'm a gamer now I know not many girls can say that they like playing Call of Duty, Fall Out, Resident Evil or the Elder Scrolls but those are my most favorite games. I do however play others like Silent Hill, Final Fantasy and God Of War.
6. I love watching horror movies with the person I'm dating because in all honesty it gives me a reason to cuddle close to them during the scary scenes.
7. I'm terrified of Clowns. Enough Said.
8. I watched to many horror movies that I think of all the things that can go wrong when home alone at night. You will normally find me watching more horror movies in bed.
9. My best friend is my ex husband...I know how can you stay friends with your exs? Answer is simple I had a great friendship before being with them why ruin it when you break up. You don't have to continue sleeping with someone just because you are friends and you used to date. It's much more than that you had that person that you confided in for so long why give it up?
10. I've always been terrified that when I get with someone that their parents wont approve of me because I have children. It's always a big thing that is on my mind.

♫♪~Music Is my life~♪♫

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Thank you for your purchase. smile
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Helllloooo! Thankies for your purchase.
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Episode one - She wolf Report | 04/27/2013 8:35 am
Episode one - She wolf
Thanks for buying! heart
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Thanks and Merry Christmas
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Not bad, not bad.
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how've you been?
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Hey Nants.
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Punk Misty
It was great. Stressful to plan, but turned out beautiful.
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Punk Misty
Thanks Toxic :3
How have you been?