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About the Bat

So me… hmm, this is awkward. I never quite know what to say about myself. I shall start with the basics… then on to random facts if I can think of anything.

I’m Valentina, nice to meet you! Most people call me Tina though ♥

Oh, and I always forget that people find age important. Well, since I doubt I'll update this anytime soon, I'm of legal drinking age in all countries pretty much, haha.

I don’t like my black eyes. My mom always calls them olives. She loves them. My hair is naturally straight. I’m short… abooouuut 5’3??
Hmm, I’m kind of a mutt (: I’m Russian, Mexican, Czech, then many others.
I currently live in California.

Mikiiiii (aka: Rennity) is my favorite ♥ We've been besties for a long time now & I don't think I'll ever meet any one that meets her level of awesome (:

I love people. I love animals. I really don’t swear.. it’s just not my thing. I love writing, reading, & performing.

If you want to talk to me.. please do! I get lonely pretty often. My friends get busy & have lives, haha.

I finally got some red eyeshadow. I love it.

My dog is a Jack Russel Terrier & she is adorable. For an old 10 year old, she’s still pretty darn cute.

Hmm, I also like
✔ ROBIN! smilies/icon_heart.gif
✔ Kaitou Kid
✔ Roleplay
✔ Kpop
✔ Tumblr

✘ Jerks (um well, kinda? they're very interesting and I enjoy talking to them)
✘ When people don't put their shopping carts away
✘ Failing

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I will stop talking now.

Bye ~

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II iiBookie II

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